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Foot and Mouth Disease.-—
Table II.

16. During the year under report 1,433 animals died
from this disease as compered with 792
in the previous year.

The disease appeared in all the districts of the province
except Simla. Ferozepore and Muzaffargarh. The highest
mortality took place in the Karnal and Hissar Districts. In
the latter district the disease appeared in a very malignant
form, the death rate being especially severe in young stock.
Amongst adults also the disease was of unusual severity,
serious mortality occurring in many villages.

Hæmorrhagic Septicæ-
mia.—Table II.

17. During the year under report Hæmorrhagic
Septicæmia appeared in all the dis-
tricts of the province, 10,724 animals
were reported to have died against
12,316 in the previous year.

This disease was as usual mostly prevalent in low-lying
areas liable to inundation along the banks of the rivers,
being unusually severe in the Rohtak District as a result of
the last Jumna floods. The total number of animals report-
ed to have died of the disease in this district was 1,832.

Inoculations          against
Hæmorrhagc Septicæmia.—
Table III.

18. Preventive inoculations against Hæmorrhagic
Septicæmia were performed in 282
outbreaks and 91,904 animals were
inoculated as compared with 294 out-
breaks and 84,728 inoculations during the previous year.

The application of the Serum in the face of outbreaks
has been attended with very satisfactory results, cutting
short several outbreaks which would otherwise have caused
very serious mortality.

Preventive Vaccinations
against Hæmorrhagic Sep-
ticæmia.—Table III.

19. Hæmorrhagic Septicæmia vaccinations were per-
formed on 147,753 animals in 570
villages of 27 districts against 155,527,
566 and 21, respectively, during the
previous year.
Vaccination against this disease in low-lying areas is
decidedly popular amongst zamindars. The extension of
this important preventive work depends on the provision
of staff to enable the Department to undertake the
vaccination of animals at the proper season.

Black-quarter.—Table II.

20. During the year under report 895 deaths were re-
ported as compared with 2,440 during
the previous year. The highest morta-
lity took place in the Hissar District where alone 320
animals were reported to have died of this disease.

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