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Annual Report of the Punjab Veterinary College,
Lahore, for the year 1925-26.

Gazetted Staff.

COLONES G. K. WALKER held charge throughout the
year except for 26 days affixed to the
College vacation when Mr. Taylor offi-

Mr. Taylor was on leave from 24th April to 30th
June. His assistant, S. Riazul Hassan, acted for him. The
remaining officers retained their appointments throughout
the year.

S. Mool Singh and Mr. Haq Nawaz Khan were confirm-
ed on 1st July 1925 and 20th August 1925, respectively.

Non-Gazetted Staff.

2. There were no changes of any importance in the es-
tablishment of the non-gazetted staff.


3. One hundred and fifty-three candidates offered them-
selves for admission to the College in
June 1925, out of which 31 men were
selected after a competitive examination held by the Prin-
cipal. One of the candidates held the F. Sc. (Medical
group) and the others were Matriculates.

Fourteen candidates were nominated by the various
Native States, of which one held the F. Sc. (Medical group)
qualification and one was a graduate (B. Sc.) of the Mysore
University. The remaining were Matriculates.

Four F. Scs. (Medical group) were admitted in October.

Number of students in
the College.

4. At the close of the year under report the number of
students was:—

First Year Class ... ... ...


Second Year Class ... ... ...


Third Year Class ... ... ...


Fourth Year Class ... ... ...


Post Diploma Course ... ... ...




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