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                                             Work done at district hospitals.

Number of

Year 1924-25.

Year 1925-26.

in number (+)
or (—) in

increase (+)
or decrease (—)

Animals treated ...



+ 59,280

+ 10.9

Cases supplied with
medicines but not
brought to hospitals.








+ 18.897

+ 33.2

The increases under all important heads reflect great
credit on the Veterinary staff.

The castrations of inferior bulls is a matter of primary
importance in our efforts to improve the local breeds of
cattle, and it is a matter of considerable interest that out of
196,427 scrub bulls castrated in India in the year 1924-25—
(vide Review of Agricultural Operations in India, page 92,
for 1924-25) the Punjab is responsible for 109,432 of these
animals, or 56 per cent. of the castrations performed in

Twelve new Veterinary hospitals were opened in the
year under report, bringing the number in the province upto
a total of 191. Administrative approval for the opening
of 30 more Veterinary hospitals has been received and
necessary staff to start these has been sanctioned. Other
extensions are under consideration To assist District Boards
in the construction of the building of Veterinary hospitals
Government made a grant-in-aid of Rs. 50,000 during the
year under report. This sum was distributed as follows,
viz:—Attock District Board Rs 15,000, Gurgaon and Mian-
wali Rs. 10,000 each, and Karnal, Jhelum and Montgomery
District Boards Rs. 5,000 each. A sum of Rs. 1,20,000 has
been provided for the same purpose in the current year's

It is satisfactory to note that Simla Veterinary
hospital after paying interest on capital cost of buildings and
establishment charges, made a profit of Rs. 1,676 as compared
with Rs. 220 in the previous year.

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