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Superintendent, whose staff was increased by the addition of
7 Veterinary Assistant Surgeons, 1 Veterinary Assistant, 1st
grade, 2 Veterinary Assistants, 2nd grade and 3 Veterinary
Assistants, 3rd grade, bringing the total cadre of the sub-
ordinate veterinary staff up to 260 : while 12 new veteri-
nary hospitals were opened bringing the provincial total
up to the figure of 191. Government again records its
satisfaction with the increase in the work done by the staff
on tour 22,602 villages were visited, 120,502 animals were
treated and 107,196 castrations performed during the year
as compared with 18,505 villages, 109,390 animals and
58,534 castrations in 1924-25 : while the work done at
district hospitals has increased in like measure. 69,000
animals are reported to have died during the year from con-
tagious diseases, rinderpest accounting for 52,000. This
disease was specially prevalent in the Hissar, Karnal,
Rohtak, Gurgaon, Gurdaspur and Kangra Districts, the
former suffering very severely. The result was that 232,159
inoculations were performed being an increase of 154,646 on
last year, while vaccinations for Hæmorrhagic Septicæmia
totalled 147,753. It is to be hoped that the new Research
Veterinary Officer will be able to do useful work in connec-
tion with these contagious diseases.

5.   Steady progress has also been made in cattle breed-
ing both in raising the number of approved herd-bulls and
in carrying out propaganda among Zamindars to induce
them to use good bulls for herd purposes. The contribu-
tions of Government to the District Board for the working
of the Hariana and Dhanni Cattle Breeding Schemes have
also been increased and Government views with satisfaction
the good work which is done by these cattle-breeding
schemes and by the cattle-breeding societies organized
with the assistance of the Co-operative Department. Parti-
cularly interesting is the establishment of 3 new societies in
the Attock District for the betterment of the cow, and
Government will be interested to receive further information
regarding the success of this movement in future reports.

6.     Government is also glad to find that there has been
a noticeable improvement in the general working of the
various cattle-breeding grants, especially at the Jahangir-
abad and Bahadurnagar Farms.

7.     Government congratulates Mr. Quirke on the great
progress which has been achieved in his Department and

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