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43. It has been finally resolved to abolish this show altogether. For some years it has
been steadily deteriorating, and the Muzaffarnagar show on one side and the Hardwarfair on
the other give ample opportunity for the exhibition and sale of stock owned by breeders in
this neighbourhood.


Horse Show.

44. This show lasted from the 25th October to the 4th November 1891.

45, A total of 4,181 head of stock against 4,649 in 1890 is shown to have attended. Of
these, 161 competed for prizes against 174 last year. No remounts competed, or the number
would have been 365.


The following are the remarks made on the various classes competing :—

Branded mares, branded mares with foal at foot, fillies 2 and 3 years old, yearl-


ing mules, and pony mares for mule-breeding.

Branded fillies







Good, but a small


Yearling colts and geldings






Fair. Geldings

reported as

unsound and

badly done.

47.  The above remarks are by Veterinary-Lieutenant L. J. Blenkinsop, Army Veterinary
Department, Consulting Veterinary Surgeon to the Punjab Government, who kindly officiat-
ed for the Assistant Superintendent, Horse Breeding Department, Punjab, who was unable to
attend on account of ill health. The thanks of the Horse Breeding Department are due to
Veterinary-Lieutenant Blenkinsop for the ready assistance he has rendered us at this and
other fairs and shows.

48.  One hundred and eighty-one remounts for the Native Cavalry and Police were

49.  Considerable discrepancy is shown as to the number of stock bought for Government,
the Secretary's report showing 23, Veterinary-Lieutenant Blenkinsop's 15, while from the
roll of remount stock purchased during 1891-92 it would appear that 19 were obtained.

50.  None of these, however, competed. Veterinary-Lieutenant Blenkinsop in his report
states that "it is a pity the owners are not encouraged by the purchasing officers to show
their animals in this class" (Native Cavalry and Police remounts.) I quite agree with
Veterinary-Lieutenant Blenkinsop, and this portion of his remark applies with equal force to
the young stock purchased for the depôts.

51.  Government to encourage the sale of horses to the Remount Department, Native
Cavalry, and Police have instituted special prizes for remounts, and owners who sell to Gov-
ernment purchasing agents naturally feel much disappointed when not allowed a chance of
increasing their gains by competing for the awards offered to these classes. The highest
price paid for remounts was Rs. 500, lowest Rs. 28, and average Rs. 143.

52.  Seventy-two mules were purchased for Government and 370 by private buyers.

53.  Rs. 600 were sanctioned as the Imperial grant for prizes, which was brought up to
Rs. 1,100 from local sources. Of this sum, Rs. 997 were awarded. Three bridles were also
given away to deserving competitors.

Bannu Horse

54.  This fair was held on the 11th and 12th March 1892. It is the first year that a horse
fair has been held in this district, and from the reports received it would seem to have been
so successful as to warrant its continuance and a grant for prizes from Government.

55.  The total number of horse stock attending was 405, of which 118 competed for prizes
in the various classes.

56.  The Deputy Commissioner considers that 405 is an under-statement of the numbers
actually, present. Owners in many cases would not leave their horses permanently in the fair,
and in such instances a number almost certainly escaped registration.

57.  The Assistant Superintendent, Horse-Breeding Department, Punjab, in his report
states: "At the time of my inspection there was a fair being held and prizes given by the
district. There were-several very fine brood mares indeed, and many of the trans-frontier mares
showed great quality and bone, and should mate extremely well with the thorough-bred English
horses." He also notices favourably the stock of a country stallion which had unfortunately
been purchased by an officer and castrated.

58.  The Assistant Superintendent, Horse-Breeding Department, Punjab, further remarks
that the fair was a great success, and earnestly recommends the grant of an allotment for
prizes from Imperial Funds.

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