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year shown a marked improvement. He recommends the grant of Rs. 1,250 from Imperial
Funds instead of Rs. 1,000, to which it has been reduced.

13.   The classes are almost without exception reported on as good and very good, the branded
fillies coming in for special praise. This promises well for the future stock in this district.

14.   Sixteen head of young stock were purchased by the Remount Agent. This officer
notices that many otherwise promising youngsters were found to be too straight in the pastern
Nine horses were bought for the Bengal Cavalry. Major Martin remarks that if he had been
allowed to purchase 3-year olds, he could have obtained more, and those he was able to pur-
chase were the property of dealers and not zemindars.

15.   Six mules competed for prizes. No purchases for Government.

16.   Rs. 1,000, allotted from Imperial Funds, was increased by Rs. 1,000 from local
sources: total Rs. 2,000. Of this sum, Rs. 1,922 were awarded in prizes. Four English
bridles were presented to successful competitors.

Etawah Horse

17. This small show following close on the Batesar fair was held from the 27th November
to the 3rd December 1891.

18. Owing to the fact that the large horse fair at Batesar immediately preceded it the
number attending it was not as large as might be expected. Only 350 animals were
registered against 352 last year.

19 Horse-breeding being quite in its infancy in this district, the show acts as an in-
centive to the industry, and for this reason is worthy of encouragement.

20. The Inspector-General in person visited this show, and remarks that the branded mare
class was geuerally fair, some being of very good quality. No remounts or young stock
suitable for the Remount Department were obtainable. The gelding class was fair.
mules competed, two being of excellent quality.

21. The arrangements were good, and both Native gentlemen and zemindars took much
interest in the proceedings.

22. The Inspector-General is of opinion that it would be judicious if in future years an
interval of a week or ten days were allowed to elapse between the Batesar fair and this show.

23. The whole of the Imperial grant, amounting to Rs. 250, was awarded in prizes, and
three bridles were presented to deserving competitors.

Horse Fair.

24. No fair was held here last year on account of an outbreak of cholera amongst the

Meerut (Nau-
chandi) Horse

25. The Meerut (Nauchandi) horse show commenced on the 20th March 1892 and con-
tinued till the 27th.

26. The number of stock present was 1,292 against 1,264 last year. Of these 491 entered
the judging ring as competitors, showing an increase of 56 over the number judged in 1891
and 143 over 1890—a satisfactory proof of the continued popularity of the show.

27.   The Assistant Superintendent, Horse-Breeding Department, North-Western Provinces
and Rajputana, reports that, owing to his having to proceed to Karnal to arrange for an in-
spection of mares and stock by the Honourable Military Member in Council, he was not able
to remain at the show later than the 23rd March, and was thus present at only one day's

28.   He reports that, as usual at Nauchandi, the branded mares and fillies made a fine
show and elicited much admiration.

29.   Seventeen head of young stock were purchased by the Remount Agent for Government
against forty-five last year. The Assistant Superintendent, Horse-Breeding Department
North-Western Provinces and Rajpntana, remarking on this falling off, considers it due to
so many foals from 6 to 10 months' old having been purchased during 1889-90 in the sur-
rounding districts, and to the fact that unusual care has been exercised this year by Remount
Agents in their purchases for Government, Six remounts were obtained for the Native

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