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IN previous years the whole work of this Laboratory has
been annually briefly summarised in an official report to the
Government of India.

This report has of necessity been limited to a short state-
ment of the administration of the Institute, amount of sera
and vaccines prepared, and a mention of the diseases under
investigation. While the information contained therein has
been sufficient as an annual record of the management and
the practical results of the work of the Laboratory, it has for
some time been recognised that a more complete account of
the research work engaged in during the year would be
interesting and valuable.

For this purpose the Government of India recently sanc-
tioned the publication of a Scientific Memoir, in which the
investigation work can be dealt with apart from the annual
administration report (Rev. and Agr. Dept. letter No. 769-39-2,
dated 9th March 1908).

The present Memoir is the first of these publications and
contains a statement of the research work of the Laboratory
for the official year 1908-09.

In submitting this report it is not out of place to briefly
refer to the general conditions regulating the work of the
Institute. The main object of the Laboratory is primarily to
supply the demands of the Civil Veterinary Department for
sera and vaccines used in treatment and control of infective
diseases of animals throughout India. Secondly, the investi-
gation of the diseases of animals, their etiology, treatment and
methods of immunisation.

For the first purpose the facilities of the Laboratory and
the results obtained have been eminently satisfactory.

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