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148.  It will be seen that some Provinces are practically at full strength
whilst others are only just making a beginning and progress is slow in them.
Doubtless, now that the services have been placed on a more solid basis, im-
provement in recruiting in Bengal and Eastern Bengal and Assam will take
place. In Bombay it is very slow at present and it is possible that the starting
pay of veterinary Assistants will need revision. The progress made in recruiting
has been satisfactory, excepting in Bombay. It is stated that the graduates
of all other colleges have obtained employment. There are therefore no more
graduates obtainable until the Colleges can turn them out. The supply is at
present very limited and it will take many years before the sanctioned strength
can be reached. The demand for graduates trained in the vernacular College
is out of all proportion to the supply and it has been ascertained that Lahore
will be unable to supply more than half the requirements to replace vacancies
when the civil establishments are at their full strength.

149.  In order to assist Burma, sanction has been obtained to the training
of Inspectors and Deputy Suprintendents for that Province at the Bengal
Veterinary College where a few United Provinces students are also trained. To
promote education in veterinary science in Coorg, scholarships have been
granted to students natives of the province at the Madras College.


                        BACTERIOLOGICAL LABORATORY.

150.  It has been found necessary to alter the form of the Imperial Bacteri-
ologist's report this year, as it was unsatisfactory from several points of view.
With the sanction of the Government of India the portion of the report dealing
with the purely administrative work of the Laboratory will be reviewed here and
all purely scientific work done will be published separately in the form of
Memoirs which will be issued from time to time, properly illustrated and in handy
form, as sufficient material becomes available. This is a much more satisfactory
arrangement for all concerned as the Annual Administration Report dealing as
it does with administration, does not form a suitable medium for the publication
of details of scientific work.

151.  Dr. A. Lingard continued to act as Imperial Bacteriologist until the
end of August 1907, when he retired under the age clause of the Civil Service
Regulations. His retirement was a great loss to the Department as he has
rendered valuable services as a Pioneer and it is no doubt owing to his patience
and pertinacity that we find the Laboratory in the position in which it is today.
Progress was for many reasons slow and tedious for many years and there are
few men who would have had the patience to stick to the work and bring it to
a successful issue. His services have, I am glad to record, been recognised by
the grant of an extra pension of £50 per annum.

152.  We have been fortunate at this stage to find an efficient successor in
Captain J. D. E. Holmes, M. A. D. Sc., who had previously undergone a special
course of training in Bacteriology in Europe and was appointed Imperial Bac-
teriologist on Dr. Lingard's retirement.

153.  During the year it was found advisable to post a Physiological and
Pathological Chemist to Muktesar and to this sanction was obtained and a
suitable candidate for the post is now being sought for. But the condition on
which the appointment received sanction is that we must dispense with one of
the Assistant Bacteriologists and to this we have had to agree.

154.  Mr. G. D. Martin held the office of the Assistant Bacteriologist up to
the 8th February 1908 on which date he was transferred and Mr. H. E. Cross
held the appointment during the remainder of the year.

155.  Mr. R. Branford on his first appointment to the Department was
posted to the Laboratory for training and joined on the 30th of November 1907.

156.  Mr. Kriebel, Head Laboratory Assistant, has been on leave during the
whole year. His duties have been very satisfactorily performed by Mr. Keiller,
2nd Laboratory Assistant, who has been found most reliable and capable.

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