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Service Troops, and 16 for Police. This must be considered most satisfactory,
especially as the Remount Agent states:—

"Numbers obtained are somewhat smaller as compared with former years, but I might have
purchased many more if I wanted them."

This officer further adds:—

"I am much pleased with those obtained and I consider them, as a lot, above the average; they
decidedly show more quality than those purchased informer years."

Horse Show.

89. This horse show was held from 1st to 8th March 1895, and although
the numbers that actually attended were smaller than last year, still there are
many promising signs in the district. In the first place, 147 branded
mares and fillies competed for prizes, and the Superintendent, Civil Veterinary
Department, was able to select 41 mares fit for horse-breeding from amongst
those presented to him for branding.

90. But as at most shows, especially in North-Western Provinces, the ques-
tion must occur to everybody—what becomes of the young stock ? With the
great number of mares abovementioned, only 113 head of all ages competed ;
this enormous exodus of young stock from all districts must have a very injurious
effect on horse breeding. Opinions greatly differ as to the destination of the
produce, but I am inclined to believe that it is fairly divided between Native
States and dealers who rear it in Bengal.

91. The Inspector-General, Civil Veterinary Department, was present at this
show and agrees with the remark contained in the report of the Superinten-
dent, Civil Veterinary Department, in which he describes the mares " as a very
superior lot but inclined to be over-topped." Also with the remark made by the
Remount Agent, with reference to the young stock purchased, to the following

" Rather Over-topped and inclined to be coarse, which, however, is the universal fault with most
of stock got by Government sires in the North-Western Provinces."

I carefully inspected both mares and produce and agree that a large
proportion is overtopped and tied in below the knee; this I attribute to too
persistent strains of Norfolk Trotter blood. I find from the prize list that 99
prize winners were by Norfolk Trotters and only 4 by Thoroughbreds, this
shows that the former only have been employed in this district. The Super-
intendent, Civil Veterinary Department, asks for a large number of Thorough-
breds to remedy the defect; his request will be borne in mind as this class of
horse becomes available.

92. The thanks of this Department are certainly due to Mr. Whish, the Col-
lector of Muzaffarnagar, for the great assistance he has offered in the development
of horse breeding. I took the opportunity of rendering him my best thanks when
at the show, and I trust he will forgive me if I record a portion of our conversation.
I told him that I considered it so good of him to work for us with the many
other duties he had to perform ; he then assured me that the amount of time he
actually spent on work connected with horse breeding was most trifling, but that
whenever opportunities offered he showed the Tehsildars and the people that he
was interested in the matter. I record this especially as it was confirmed by other
Deputy Commissioners and Collectors. All such who interest themselves in the
welfare of the Department do so more by giving their moral support to it,
others I fear who do not do so, excuse themselves on the grounds of having no
time to devote to it.

The Collector offers the following remarks:—

" The total number of horses was 759 against 1,129 last year; the decrease was entirely
in the Miscellaneous (chiefly dealers) class. This show is entirely a breeder's one and is not
dependent in any way on the dealers."


Amritsar (De-
wali) Fair.

93. This fair, held from 27th October to 7th November 1894, more than
ever, was a dealers' fair. It is the Batesar of the Punjab, and I regret to say
that the quality of the horses attending is not as good as it was some years

94. At the Dewali Fair, a'horse show is held, but I am sorry to say it attracts
but little of the brood stock in the district. On this occasion, only 27 branded

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