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                         GOVERNMENT OF INDIA.


                                       OF THE


                            FOR THE OFFICIAL YEAR


                         PART I.—IMPERIAL REPORT.

                           A.—MILITARY SECTION.

                             I.—HORSE BREEDING.

Number of—

As will be seen by Table I (page iii), the number of stallions present
at the commencement of the year was 362. Sixty-one were added to the
Register and 51 were struck off, leaving a balance of 372 on 31st March 1895.
Of this number, 102 were in North-Western Provinces and Oudh, 180 in the
Punjab including the Derajat, 37 in Baluchistan, 6 in Central India, and 2 in
Rajputana, making a total of 327. For the supply of these Provinces the
sanctioned strength is 309; if from the number actually on the strength
the number of horses either bought or imported and which are not available
for work during the year is subtracted, it will be seen that only 271 were avail-
able. There were 45 on the Bombay Register.

Received dur-
ing the year.

2. Three Australians and 12 Arabs were purchased in India by the Inspec-
tor-General, Civil Veterinary Department, and 41 horses were received by im-


3. Of the 51 horses shewn as removed from the Registers, 15 died, one less
than last year. As will be seen by reference to Table II (page iv), by
far the greatest number of deaths resulted from abdominal disease. Twenty
three horses and ponies were destroyed against 15 last year, this can be accounted
for by the great number of stallions that were beyond the age at which stallions
should be employed, as will be seen by Table II, eleven stallions were destroy-
ed for this reason.


4. Nine horses and four ponies, exactly the same numbers as last year,
were sold, vide Table III (page vi). Of the horses sold, one was purchased,
with the sanction of the Government of India, by the Kapurthala State for
breeding purposes.

Number of
stallions pre-

5. The totals compared with last year stood as follows on 31st March

372 horses against 362 last year, and 22 ponies against 28 present during

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