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preparation of these drugs is not a difficult process.
A very large preventive establishment would have
to be entertained, and even then I do not believe
that the consumption could he stopped. Any
attempt at prohibition would lead to a good deal
of oppression on the part of corrupt underlings,
and would cause very considerable discontent.
Prohibition would certainly be followed by in-
creased consumption of alcoholic stimulants and
other drugs.

36. None that I know of.

40.  Bhang is sometimes prescribed medicinally.

41.   All these drugs have the effect of giving
staying-power and alleviating fatigue, but bhang
is the least injunious.

42.   I consider the moderate use of bhang to be
beneficial. The moderate use of ganja and charas
is not quite harmless, but the harm done is small.

43.  Yes.

44. The moderate use of any of these drugs on
a habitual consumer does not produce intoxication.
It allays hunger, but does not create appetite.

47. Not hereditary.

49. Not that I know of.

51.   As far as my observations go, I have not
detected any connection between moderate use of
any of these drugs and crime.

52.   Intoxication from these drugs, and more
especially from ganja, raises a man to a high
pitch of excitement; at times leads him to commit
violent crimes that he would shrink from commit-
ting in his saner moments.

53.   Unpremeditated crimes are often committed
by men while under the influence of these drugs,
but 6uch crimes are generally of the nature of
revenge for some slight or injury. I know of no
case in which it has led to temporary homicidal

51. Not that I know of.

55. No. Dhatura is more commonly used, but
this is sometimes used mixed with ganja.

57.   I know of no case.

58.   The location of shops on the borders of
districts might receive more attention. I have
known of eases of rival contractors in adjoining
districts trying to undersell each other, and to
attract customers from the neighbouring district,
thus tending to unnecessarily increase the con-

59.   I have no other suggestion to make under
this head.

60 and 61. Yes; I think the present system is

62.   I don't think any further control is

63.   I consider that the best method is to sell
the drug contract for the whole district to one
man. If the contract is split up, the contractors
endeavour to unduly foster their own sales, and
the consumption of these drugs tends to increase.

64.   No.

68.   Consumption of these drugs on the premises
should be forbidden.

69.   Not as a rule. The contractors' wishes are
more usually consulted than those of the con-
sumers. I have not much faith in local public

70.  No.

25. Evidence of SYED HABIBULLAH, Joint Magistrate, Orai, Jalaun.

19.   Only for smoking in the districts where I
have been (Aligarh, Jaunpur, Basti and Jalaun).
Oil is made of ganja seeds, which is good for

20.   Nearly all classes of people smoke ganja and
charas. Possibly the higher classes of Muham-
madans do not use them. Nearly all the Hindu
fakirs (sadhus) use ganja and charas.

21.   In Jalaun district only Pathar ganja is

22.   Foreign charas is used in this district. The
contractor gets it from Amritsar.

23.   I have never heard of bhang being used for

24.   All classes of Hindu community use bhang.

25.   It is on the increase. Ganja and charas are
always used by the excessive consumers of tobacco.
The use of tobacco is admittedly on the increase,
and therefore the use of charas and ganja must
also be on the increase.

27. Habitual excessive consumers of ganja,
charas, and bhang are sadhus (Hindu fakirs).

28. Bhang, charas, ganja:—

(a) ½ tola, 1/8 tola. ½ tola.

(b) ½ chittack, ½ tola, 2 tolas.

29. Tobacco is generally mixed with ganja and
charas. I have some recollection of a case in Basti
district where a fakir was said to mix dhatura with
ganja. There is a very common preparation called
"majum," which is prepared in nearly every
Hindu house in the "Holi," and it is considered
great delicacy and is offered to the visitors on
that occasion. The ingredients are the essence of
bhang, sugar and ghee.

30.  The consumption of these drugs is mainly
confined to male sex, and as far as I know it is
not usual for children to consume any of these

31.   The habit of consuming the ganja and
charas is not easily formed, but it is difficult to
break off. There is a tendency in the case of
ganja and charas for the moderate habit to develop
into the excessive.

32.   There are no customs, social or religious,
in regard to the consumption of any of these drugs,
at least in (his district (Jalaun).

34.   I do not think it would be a serious priva-
tion to any class of consumers to forego the con-
sumption of the drug they use.

35.   It would not be feasible to prohibit the use of
any of these drugs. The drugs would be consumed
illicitly. The prohibtion would cause serious
discontent, but it would not amount to political
danger. The prohibition might be followed
by recourse to other drugs and alcoholic stimulants,
but in the latter case only the lower castes of
Hindus would take to liquor. The Brahmins,
sadhus, and Musalmans would not touch liquor on
religious principles.

36.   I think the case is just the reverse. The
drugs are now being substituted to a certain
extent for alcohol, the patent reason being that
drugs are cheaper than liquor.

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