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7. I have only seen it cultivated for its fibre
(san) in all districts where I have been, and to a
Hair amount.

10.   No special class, as far as I know.

11.  Yes; I think so.

12.  I believe permission to cut the wild hemp
plant is leased out in the submontane tracts.

14.  Yes; all these I believe.

16.  Not generally prepared in houses.

18.   Yes; all deteriorate.

19.  Only for smoking.

20.  Kahars, chamars, etc., smoke ganja exten-
sively. It is smoked in malarious places.

22.  Foreign, Afghanistan.

23.  Not as far as I know.

24.  All classes as far as I know.

25.  Increase; in same places have a tendency
to supersede liquor.

30.   (a) In company.
(b) Mainly male sex.
(c) No.

31.  I am told easily formed. Tendency is to
become excessive only in special cases. In fact,
people who become excessive consumers would
probably, if there were no drugs, be drunkards.

34.  Yes.

35.  It would not be feasible. If prohibited,
illicit consumption would be common. Serious
discontent would be occasioned. The prohibition
would be followed by recourse to alcoholic stimu-
lants and to opium drugs.

86. No; the contrary, I think.

51.  No; not as far as my experience goes.

52.  No.

53.  It causes insanity in some cases.

54.  No; I have not heard of any such cases.

55.   These drugs are not used as a rule by
criminals for stupefying their victims.

58. I consider the present system to be work-
ing well, and that there is no necessity whatsoever
for any interference.

63.  No objection.

64.  No.

65.   Reasonable.

67. No.

69. Objections are always considered when

12. Evidence of MR. F. W. BROWNRIGG, Officiating Deputy Commissioner, Sultanpur.

1.  The experience of nearly twelve years in
district work.

In submitting these answers I have consulted—
P. Shiunath, an experienced Deputy Collector;
M. Daya Shankar, Excise Naib Tahsildar; and the
Drugs Contractor of this district.

2.   [The correct word is "bang" not "bhang,"
which is a corruption, in the same way as
"bháng" is.]

In the North-Western Provinces and Oudh the
words used are—

    I.—Bhang, sabzi (corrupted into subji by the
            common people), and buti (a Hindi
            word, meaning root, or medicine, viz.,
            dawa). Patti, I believe, is more used
            down east, towards Calcutta. Siddhi,
            up Punjab way.
    II.—Charas is the term universally employed
            in these provinces.
    III.—Ganja is the term universally employed
            in these provinces,
    (a) Flat ganja is uniformly known as baluchar.
    (b) Round ganja, no local name known.
    (c) Broken ganja is known as pathar, or

3.  P. Shiunath, Deputy Collector, tells me
that hemp grows abundantly in Gonda and
Bahraich. It grows quasi-spontaneously any-
where in this district, for example, generally near
fakirs' huts. When ganja is smoked the seeds
are separated and thrown away and hence stray
plants. The Drugs Contractor complains that
the casual cultivation of the wild plant is spreading,
and in parts tending to oust his trade in a way.

4.  None here.

5.  Said to grow most in damp land—Tarai.

6.  Dense.

7.   Not to m knowledge; practically spontane-

14. Bhang is exported from Gonda and

Chiefly from Balrampur and Tulsipur in Gonda,
and Nanpara, Charda, and Bhoundi in Bahraich.

18.  Ganja and bhang will keep good, if not
affected by moisture, for four years. They are
said to lose all intoxicating effect in six or seven
years. Charas on the other hand has to be kept
moist. The Drugs Contractor here has found it
go bad after a year, but cannot say how long it
had been in stock before then.

19.  Only for smoking.

20.  Inferior castes rarely use charas. Superior
castes use it as well as ganja.

Ganja is used by the following castes:—chamar,
kahar, nai, bari, lodhe, lunia, thakur, Hindu and
Muhammadan fakirs, khattri, saraogi. Charas by
khattris, saraogis, and brahmans who will use the
huka, banias; say 5 per cent.

Thakurs, to the extent of about 20 or 25 per
cent., smoke ganja or charas in the following
districts:—Gonda, Bahraich, Sultanpur, Unao,
Barabanki, Rai Bareli.

Charas is said to be smoked extensively in
Lucknow and Cawnpore cities.

Of the cultivating castes noted above about 25
or 30 per cent. consume ganja.

21.  Baluchar is preferred. The poorer folk
take patiyara, from necessity, not from choice.

22.   Yarkhandi charas alone is used in this
district, imported from Hoshiarpur. Saljahan
from Nepal is largely used in Lucknow, Cawnpore
and Benares. Garda Kashmir is also used in
Lucknow and elsewhere. The best is Saljahan;
best Garda Kashmir; cheapest and worst

23.  No.

24.  Bhang is eaten or drunk by brahmans,
chattris, Hindu and Muhammadan fakirs, banias,
kayasths, khattris, gangaputrs, and pragwals

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