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VII.—Whether registration fees have been levied, and at what rate.

No registration fees are levied.

VIII.—Whether the women have been regular at the periodical examinations, &c.

Stations. 1880. 1881.
Average attend-
ance at periodi-
cal examinations.
Average number
of women on
Average attend-
ance at periodi-
cal examinations.
Average number
of women on
Akyab ... .. 50.86 51.58 58.10 58.29
Rangoon ... ... 323.10 496.36 289.15 436.96
Bassein ... ... 23.00 28.39 22.72 25.00
Thayetmyo ... ... 20.14 25.59 21.00 23.92
Moulmein ... ... 52.75 61.42 49.67 51.25
Toungoo ... ... 14.12 17.82 13.90 18.32

IX.—The arrangements for examining and treating the women of the city and cantonments.

     All the women on the register are inspected by the medical officers once a
week : those found diseased are detained in hospital for treatment. The arrange-
ments for the periodical examinations in all of them are good with the exception
of Toungoo, where there is insufficient light.

X.—How far disease has increased or decreased among women ; to what extent it has become less virulent ;
its nature as compared with that among men, &c.

     At all the hospitals, with the exception of Toungoo, there has been a decrease
in the number of admissions among the women. In Rangoon the admissions
from primary syphilis have been gradually diminishing for the last five years.
In 1877 there were 600 admitted for primary syphilis alone, while in 1881 only
339 were treated for the disease, thus showing, as Dr. Johnstone remarks, " the
benefit the Act is to the women themselves."

     For the sudden outbreak of venereal disease at Toungoo no cause is given.

     The position of the hospital is bad and far away from any control.

XI.—How far dhaies have been employed and with what success.

     No dhaies have been employed.

XII.—Any information on other matters or suggestions for the improvement of the rules.

     The only addition wanted for thoroughly carrying out the Act is increased
police agency. The work is not popular with the force, but by increase of pay it
might become so.

Remarks by Deputy Surgeon-General W. PEARL in the various visitors' books of lock-hospitals in Burma


      Not visited.

      Rangoon.—Date of inspection,
12th January 1882.

    The hospital was built as a temporary building of bamboo matting set in a teak frame-
work originally of the shape of the letter T, but the wards are
now separated by, a teak division into three wards, a portion at
one end being set apart for Europeans. It has been much
improved during the year. The floor beneath has been asphalted and a drain made round
the building. The wards are clean, but very dark; they should be whitewashed. Water-
supply from a well in the compound. The place for washing purposes requires repair.
The instruments are carefully kept : all in good condition. Books neatly written and up to
date. Latrine in good order. Burnt paddy-husk used in place of dry-earth. Cooking and
diets sufficient and clean. The quarters for the resident apothecary are small and ill-
adapted for their requirements ; they should be enlarged and a spacious verandah added.
Medicines in a good state of preservation and the poisons kept separate in a box. I would
recommend that an almirah be obtained for the purpose. The term lock-hospital is some-
what of a misnomer for this institution as there is only one durwan or man " on the lock,"
and of course he cannot always be present : an additional man should be entertained. Assist-
ant Apothecary G. B. Fonceca discharges his duties with zeal and ability.

Bassein.—Date of inspection,
4th August 1881.

     The lock-hospital is situated in the corner of the dispensary compound and therefore
most convenient for the medical officer. Four sick at the date
of inspection : 24 on the register. Medicines and instruments
in good order. The latrine in the compound is old and out of
repair. A new building is about to be erected. Hospital Assistant Shaik Rahim Buksh
has applied for leave. Inspected service-book : neatly kept up to date.

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