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      Toungoo.—Surgeon-Major R. V. Power was in charge from the 1st to 28th
January, when Surgeon C. S. Rundle took over charge for the remainder of the

III.—The extent of venereal disease among European troops as shown by the weekly returns.

             The following table shows to what extent venereal disease spread among the
European troops during the year. It will be seen to have diminished in Rangoon,
but to have nearly doubled in Toungoo:—

Stations.  Average
Number of
for venereal
diseases of
all forms.
1880. 1881.
Rangoon     657.84 108 216.69 164.17  
Thayetmyo     1,518.52 140 82.50 92.20
Toungoo     470.13 83 81.37 176.55

IV.—Whether a Cantonment Sub-Committee for exercising special supervision over the rules has existed
throughout the year, and what officers composed it.

       In Rangoon there is a Sub-Committee consisting of the Commanding Officer,
Quartermaster, and Adjutant of the European regiment. The Town Magistrate,
however, is responsible for the effective working of the rules. At the other
stations there are no Cantonment Sub-Committees.

V.—What special measures have been taken for control of prostitution, and especially for preventing
the dangers arising from unlicensed prostitutes frequenting the lines.

        No special measures appear to have been taken to control prostitution. The
police force at the disposal of the lock-hospital authorities appears to be quite
unable to cope with the evil. The medical officer of the 2nd Middlesex Regi-
ment informs me that frequently the men of the regiment have shown the
woman from whom they contracted the disease, but on her presenting herself
for inspection at the lock-hospital she has been found clean.

  At Rangoon, where the area over which the Act extends is so large, an
addition to the police force is certainly wanted. The reports generally complain
that registered women only are looked after by the police, and it is to be regret-
ted that more energetic steps cannot be taken to check the unlicensed prosti-
tution which must take place.

VI.—How far the registration has been efficient, to what class it extends, and over what area, &c.

          Registration has been most inefficient ; the number on the register cannot
represent a moiety of the prostitutes. In the report on Thayetmyo Doctor Dal-
zell justly remarks : " It is a remarkable fact that the increase or decrease of the
" strength of the garrison has no corresponding effect on the number of the
" prostitutes on the register," a proof that the greater number of venereal diseases
among the European soldiery are contracted from unregistered women.

Protected area. Population. Ratio of
prostitutes to
1880. 1881.
Rangoon     417 378 102 square miles ... 185,723 1 in 491
Moulmein     53 51 14 ditto ... 53,107 1 in 1,041
Toungoo     26 17 4 miles around
... 20,000 1 in 1,176
Thayetmyo     23 24 19 square miles ... 38,236 1 in 1,593
Bassein     27 27 14 ditto ... 33,502 1 in 1,241
Akyab     60 58 Town under muni-
... 33,989 1 in 586

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