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Description of Plate.


FIG. 1. Vertical section of a leaf of Nymphæa stellata showing spores in substomatic
spaces x 360.
" 2. Section through the entire thickness of a leaf showing distribution of spores
x 119.
" 3. Section through the upper part of a healthy leaf, showing large substomatic space
x 360.
" 4. Fine mycelium giving origin to thicker fertile filaments bearing young spores
x 680.
" 5. Vertical section through entire thickness of a healthy leaf of Nymphæa stellata
showing subepidermal spaces, great spaces over the inferior epidermis and
idioblasts x 119.
" 6. Fine mycelial filaments with simple haustoria and thicker sporiferous hyphæ.
" 7. Head of a promycelial filament with sporidiiferous cells.
" 8. Germinating spore still connected with the Mycelium x 970.
" 9. Spore with promycelium.
" 10. Sporiferous filaments and spores in various stages of development x 970.
" 11. Conjugating pair of sporidia x 970.
" 12. Sporidia bearing secondary sporidia, and still attached to the promycelium.
" 13. Spore, promycelium, and conjugating sporidia.
" 14. Conjugating sporidia.
" 15. Portion of epidermis with promycelia emerging from the stomata x 680.
" 16. Terminal portions of promycelium showing septation and sterigmata.


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