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Description of Plate.


FIG. 1. Organisms in the blood of a horse x 680.
" 2. Spirillar variety of choleraic comma-bacilli x 1270.
" 3. Blighted leaf of Nymphæa stellata. Nat. size.
" 4. Vertical section through a portion of a leaf of Cinnamomum iners affected
by Mycoidea x 190.
" 5. Leaf of Cinnamomum iners viewed from above, showing a patch affected by
Mycoidea. Nat. size.
" 6. Same leaf from below. Nat. size.
" 7. Vertical section through a patch affected by Mycoidea, showing algal cells extend-
ing from the superior, subepidermal thallus through the greater part of the
thickness of the leaf x 360.
" 8. Portion of the same section, showing superior subepidermal thallus and an emer-
gent filament x 360.
" 9. Portion of the same section showing a mass of algal cells projecting deeply into
the tissue of the under-surface of the leaf and giving off emergent filaments
x 360.

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