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Rs. 61,287-12-1 respectively of last year. The increase in receipt is due to the
increase in the number of private students, and that in expenditure is mainly due
to the enhancement of lecture allowance from Rs. 100 to Rs. 200 a month, which
has taken effect from the 15th July 1918.

     8. Hostel.—Ninety-three boarders have made use of the Hostel during the
year under report as against 82 last year. The sum received from the students
was Rs. 19,134-6-11 and the expenditure was Rs. 17,832-6-3, leaving a balance
of Rs. 1,302-0-8. The total balance in the Bank is. Rs. 6,122-3-6, which includes
the opening balance of Rs. 4,820-2-10. The practice of auditing the accounts by
the Local Audit Department has since been stopped.

     9. Medals and prizes:—The Annual Distribution of medals and prizes took
place in December 1918, when the Inspector-General of Civil Hospitals presided
and gave away the following medals and prizes:—

     The "Jamal Gold Medal" and "Lim Chin Tsong Gold Medal" to private
pupil R. S. Dugal for standing first in aggregate and in Surgery, respectively, at
the Final 'L.M.P.' examination of April 1918.

     The "Hurry Krishna Pillay Gold Medal" to public student R. S. Grewal,
for obtaining first place in Medicine at the Final 'L.M.P.' Examination of April

     The "Ramanatha Reddiar Gold Medal" to public pupil D. Manuel, for
obtaining first place in Midwifery at the Final 'L.M.P.' Examination of April

     During the year under report Maung Zan, Head Master of the Roman
Catholic Mission School, Thônzè, and his brothers, have very generously donated
Rs. 1,000 to award a gold medal to the student, who obtains second place in
Surgery at the Final 'L.M.P.' Examination each year. The donors requested the
medal to be styled after the name of their deceased father, U Ba Oh of Moulmein.
No interest having accrued from this endowment at the time of the Prize
Distribution in December, the family have further contributed a sum of Rs. 40 to
meet the cost of the medal. As there was a tie between two students in this
particular subject, for which the "U Ba Oh Gold Medal" is to be awarded, the
Superintendent of the School gave an additional medal with the permission of the
Inspector-General of Civil Hospitals. Ude Singh obtained the "U Ba Oh Medal"
and D. Manuel received the "Colonel Dee Medal."

     Three prizes of Rs. 30 each in the form of books were awarded to the under-
mentioned students for coming first among the successful candidates in the
examination noted against them:—

     L. Htin E.—Third year examination of March 1918.

     A. Meah.—Intermediate Examination of April 1918.

     M. N. Menon.—Primary Examination of April 1918.

     Each of the following students gets a prize of Rs. 15 worth of books for
obtaining the first place in the various subjects of the Intermediate Examination.

        Maung Tin in Materia Medica.

Ba Kyaw in Anatomy.

A. Meah in Physiology.

     At the close of the year under report Mr. S. R. Reddiar has further donated
Rs. 1,000 to award a gold medal in the name of his mother, Devi Ammal, to the
student, who obtains the first place in Medical Jurisprudence in the Final
'L.M.P' Examination.

     Lieutenant-Colonel K. Prasad, I.M.S. (retired), Civil Surgeon, Myaungmya,
has also generously donated Rs. 1,000 for a gold medal in Hygiene.

     The thanks of the Medical Department are due to Maung Zan, Mr. Reddiar
and Colonel Prasad for their generosity and public spirit.

     10. General.—Twenty-students, who have passed the third year examination
are leaving for Madras on the 17th April 1919 under the charge of Assistant
Lecturer Dr. D. R. Lewis, M.B., to undergo three months' practical Midwifery
training at the Government Maternity Hospital. The other two students, Mya
U and Thomas, who have also passed the third year examination are not pro-
ceeding to Madras as they underwent the course last year. The three failures
are not sent along as they do not possess enough knowledge of the subject to
profit by the course there.

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