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717. The monopoly of vend in the Kotah State is auctioned to contractors.
Besides the revenue thus realised, a duty of Re. 1 per
maund is levied on ganja imported into the State,
and the same on bhang brought into the town of Kotah. A transit duty of 8
annas per maund is also charged on ganja and bhang. Charas is not imported.
There is a small local production of ganja and bhang, but no regular cultivation.
It is stated that there is a "ruling" of 1881 about buying, selling, and possessing
intoxicating drugs, but it is not enforced. This State does not adjoin British


718. Beyond the levy of a customs duty at the rate of Rs. 20 per cent. of
value on all hemp drugs in Tonk and Aligarh, Rs. 6
per maund in Chabra, and Rs. 8 per maund in Sironj,
there is no excise administration in respect of the drugs in the Tonk State. A
proposal to draw up a set of rules is under consideration. Ganja and charas are
imported, not produced. Bhang is produced in the State and imported from
Jeypore. The State does not adjoin British territory.


719. An import duty of 8 annas per maund of 35 sérs on ganja and bhang
and of one anna per maund on charas is levied in the
Jhallawar State, and it is said that there are local
dues of 2 annas per maund on ganja and bhang, while one per cent. is levied
on all sales of either drug, weighment dues being also levied when they are sold
by weight. There is a licensed farmer of the drugs in the cantonment. Beyond
this, there is no excise system in respect of hemp drugs. The extent of
cultivation is about 30 acres, producing about 155 maunds of ganja and 30
of bhang. The trade returns do not distinguish between ganja and bhang: the
average import of both drugs is said to be 105 maunds, and the export 120
maunds. Charas is not used. The State does not adjoin British territory.


720. Import and transit duties are levied in the Bundi State at the rate of
8 annas per maund on all hemp drugs imported into
or passing through the State territory. Beyond this
there is no system of administration in respect of hemp drugs. It is stated that
the drugs are not manufactured in the State, but that cultivators grow hemp
on land irrigated by wells as other crops. The drugs are imported from other
States. The import of bhang is large, averaging 9,385 maunds; that of ganja
and charas is small, amounting to 100 and 25 maunds respectively. The total
import duties amount to Rs. 4,440 and transit duties to Rs. 610. The State
does not adjoin British territory.


721. In Dholpur import duties are levied on ganja and bhang at Rs. 4-4-0
per maund and on charas at Rs. 1-1-0 per sér. In
the Sri Mathra Estate the duties are—ganja Rs.
4-8-0, charas Rs. 6, and bhang 6 annas per maund. Export duty is also levied—
ganja 9 annas per maund, charas Rs. 3 per maund, and bhang 3 annas per
maund. There is one contractor for the whole State, who appoints his own
sub-contractors in the parganas. Apparently the whole trade, both wholesale and
retail, is in the hands of this contractor. The cultivation of intoxicating drugs
is prohibited without permission of the Darbar, and there is no manufacture
of the drugs in the State. The imports are by rail and road from British districts,

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