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The Chairman, Malaria Investigation Committee,
The Surgeon General with the Government of Bombay,
The Sanitary Commissioner for the Government of Bombay,
The Municipal Commissioner for the City of Bombay,
The Director, Bombay Bacteriological Laboratory,
The Commissioner in Sind,
The Commissioner, N. D.,
The Commissioner, C. D.,
The Commissioner, S. D.,
All Collectors, including the Collectors and Deputy Commis-
sioners in Sind,
The Political Resident, Aden,
The Remembrancer of Legal Affairs,
The Health Officer of the Port of Bombay, With cop
The Secretary, Sanitary Board, of the report.
The Oriental Translator to Government,
The Accountant General,
The Chairman, City of Bombay Improvement Trust,
The Chairman, Bombay Port Trust,
The Political Department,
The Public Works Department,
The Legal Department,
The Separate Department (for the reading room for the
Members of the Legislative Council),
The Editors' Tables and Editors of Newspapers,
The Non-official Members of the Legislative Council,
The Agent, G. I. P. Railway Company,
The Agent, B. B. & C. I. Railway Company,
The President, Municipal Corporation, Bombay,
The Chamber of Commerce, Bombay,
Dr. Charles A. Bentley, M.B., D.P.H., D.T.M. & H.,
W. C. Symes, Esq., By letter.
A. C. Rumboll, Esq.,
Dr. T. S. Jackson,
The Under Secretary of State for India,
The Government of India.
No. of 1911.
Copy forwarded for information and guidance to

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