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Bombay, Sind and Baluchistan, Nizam's Territory, Madras, My-
sore, and Coorg, in the decennial period of 1861-70 salt was
cheapest, and has risen in price during the two succeeding
decennial periods, and in some instances has done so to a con-
siderable degree. On the other hand, in Assam, Bengal
North-Western Provinces, Oudh, Punjab, Central Provinces,
and Berar, salt has steadily become cheaper.17
Thus, if there be any connexion between leprosy and salt,
the best means are given for studying such connexion. For if
the spread of the disease depend on want of salt it should have
been much more rapid throughout the first mentioned provinces.
Before proceeding to the discussion of this point, a few words
must be said as to the average consumption per head of salt
in India.
The total quantity of salt passed into consumption during
1890 last year amounted to 2,801,800,000lb. There is, how-
ever, also a considerable quantity of salt made in Burma, of
which no exact account is kept, but this is estimated at (at
least) 41,143,000lb. There is, again, a considerable quantity
manufactured from saltpetre, and some not inconsiderable quan-
tities made in Native States. Adding all this to the quantity
of which there is an account, and making allowance for quan-
tities illicitly made and consumed, there cannot be less than
3,000 millions of pounds for the population of 286,697,000, or
between 10 and 11lb per head: 11lb being perhaps the more
accurate estimate.
Now, in comparing this with the 72lb per head in the
United Kingdom, it must be remembered that in India this salt
is used almost exclusively for personal consumption, very little
being employed for cattle and economic or industrial purposes.
Again, the majority of people being vegetarians salt is not in
so great demand as in Great Britain and Ireland, nor, owing to
(17) "Prices and Wages in India," compiled in the Statistical Branch of
the Finance and Commerce Department of the Government of India: Eighth
Issue; pages 86-93.

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