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250 APPENDIX. No. I.
Genealogie of Drummonds of Carnock, [now represented by Sir William
Drummond of Hawthornden.]
Now, let us tume againe to the other sons of Sir John Drummond of Stobhall, who
floorished about the year 1370 ; for Sir John had fyve sons by the Earle of Orkney's
daughter. I. Walter, who succeidit him. 2. Gawin. 3. Thomas. 4. Sir William,
of whom in the next section. 5. John, the progenitor of the Drummonds in Portugall.
1. Sir William Drummond, the fourth son of Sir John Drummond of Stobhall,
brother to Annabella the Queen, by her endeavoures apparently, acquyred one of the
co-heires of Sir William Airth, knight of Carnock and Plain, to his wife ,• hir name
wes Elizabeth Airth. He wes styled Sir William Drummond of Ermore. She bore
to him
2. David Drummond of Carnock, who maryied Marion Cunninghame, daughter to
the Laird of Wester Polmais ; who bore to him
3. Robert Drummond, who married Marion Monteith, sister to William Monteith
of West Kerse. She bore to him
4. Alexander Drummond, famous by his exyle and forfeiture with Archbald Earle
of Angus, who maryed the mother of King James the Fyfth. This Alexander maried
Marjorie, sister of Robert Bruce of Auchinbowy, by whom [he had] three sons and
three daughters. 1. Sir Robert Drummond, Master of work, or Surveyor of King
James the Sext his works. 2. Alexander Drummond of Meadop. The daughters
were, the Lady Makerstoun, who bore Collonell Bartholomew Balfour, a valiant
commander of the warrs of Holland, father to Sir Phillip Balfour ; and the Ladyes
Skelmor, and Froske Abercrombie, of whom was Sir Patrick Abercrombie, Sir David
[Alexander Drummond of Meadop] maried daughter of Bruce ;
who bore to him Sir Alexander Drummond of Meidop, a Lord of Session, who died
11th July, 1619. Mr. John Drummond of Woodcockdale, a gentleman of the bed
chamber to King James the Sext. Major William Drummond, slain at seige of Groll
in Holland.
Sir Robert Drummond of Meidope, son of the said Sir Alexander, maried
Hamilton, a sister of Binnie's ; by whom [he had] only one son. killed at Aldern with

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