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The direct line of the house of Danzielstoun having failed in
the person of Sir Robert, the representation appears to
have devolved upon his brother.
III. Sir William de Danzelstoun, the first of Colgrain, third son
of Sir John de Danzelstoun of that Ilk, gives his consent to
a grant made by his father, in 1377, in favour of the church
of Glasgow. He is therein designated- — " Dominus de Col-
grane et de Cambesescan." Among the missing charters
of Robert III. is a confirmation of a pension furth of the
lands of Mauldisly in his favour. He seems to have been
in the household of the unfortunate Prince David, as he had,
10th October, 1392, a charter "pro servitis suo nobis, et
carissimo primogenitu nostro Davidi Senescallo comiti de
Carrick impensis," of a pension of twenty merks out of the
great customs of the burgh of Dunbar, to continue till the
King should infeft him or his heirs in a ten pound land in
some fit place. This pension is accordingly charged in the
Chamberlain's books for that year. We have no evidence
of the promised grant being carried into effect, although
there is reason to suppose that Cameron and Auchindennan,
both five pound lands, may have been acquired in this manner.
His widow, Lady Marjory, is mentioned in the Chamberlain's
accounts, as drawing the tierce of this pension for six years
subsequent to 17th March, 1393 — the probable date of her
husband's decease. In 1399, the Earl of March receives it
on her behalf. It is probable that Sir William had also
acquired the estate of Hiltoun, in Berwickshire, as there is
a charge in the Exchequer Rolls of 1455, for a pair of gilt
spurs, as the reddendo of these lands, paid by his heirs.
IV. Robert de Danzelstoun of Colgrain. In the last quoted entry
from the Chamberlain's Rolls, James Stewart (Senescallus)
de Kilbride is mentioned as having the ward of the heir of
the late Dominus Willelmus de Danielstoun, and as drawing
in that capacity two-thirds of the pension due out of the

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