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Part in. preserved tranquillity in Hissar till 29th May, when the arrival of emissaries from
Chap. viii. Delhi and Hansi proved a signal for the troops at the Fort to mutiny, and after
murdering Mr. Wedderburn's young wife and child, they proceeded to the Court-
house, where he was transacting business and surrounded it. Mr. Wedderburn
called upon the Sepoys on guard to resist them, but in vain ; he was fired upon by
both parties and fell under the combined attack of the Dadree troopers and his
own treacherous guard, within a brief half hour after his wife and child. ' Lovely
in their lives, in death they were not long divided,' and each was spared the agony
of knowing the other's fate. In Mr. Wedderburn the Indian Government loses an
officer to whose zeal and valuable qualities the highest testimony has been
recorded by his superiors in office. Many grieve for him in Lahore, both natives
and Europeans, and his large and attached connection are called upon to mourn
for one, not more endeared to them by the ties of kindred than by the amiable
disposition and manly heart which in him were united with a piety unshaken to
the last."
2. William Wedderburn. Born at Woodgreen, Bombay, 19 May 1830. Died
24 May in that year (Bl. 93; J. W. 30 ; Bomb. Bapt., Ind. Off., ix., 580).
3. David Wedderburn, afterwards Sir David, third baronet of Balindean, and but
for attainder, ninth of Blackness. See below.
4. William Wedderburn, afterwards Sir William, fourth baronet of Balmdean, etc.
See post, p. 301.
The daughters of Sir John Wedderburn and Henrietta Milburn were,
1. Alicia Henrietta Wedderburn, born at Bombay 20 Aug., baptized there at
S. Thomas Church 20 Nov. 1823 (Bl. 93 ; J.W. 30). Married at Keith House, co.
Haddington, 22 Jan. 1862, to her cousin, Lt.-Col. (afterwards General) Sir William
Hope, Bart., K.C.B. 1 (71st Highland Light Infantry) fifth son of the late Sir John
Hope, eleventh baronet of Craighall and Pinkie, by his wife Anne, daughter of Sir
John Wedderburn. See ante p. 296. Living 1898 at Pinkie, s.p. 2
2. Elizabeth Wedderburn, born at Woodgreen, Bombay, 7 Feb. 1827 (Bl. 93;
J.W. 30 ; Bomb. Bapt., viii., 5). Died unmarried at Prospect Place, Harrogate,
26 Aug. 1876. Buried at Tibberton. Administration (with will) of her estate was
granted 11 Nov. 1876 (L.W. 37).
3. Margaret Wedderburn. Born at Woodgreen, Bombay, 10 May 1828 (Bl. 93;
J.W. 30; Bomb. Bap>t., viii., 223). Died unmarried at San Remo 2 Feb. 1874.
Buried there. (Consulary Reg. Somerset House, v., 1112, 1137, xx. 1627, and the
inscription on her tomb).
4. Mary Anne Wedderburn. Born in Neelgherry Hills 26 Nov. 1832. Died in
India, Aug. 1833 (Bl. 93 ; J.W. 30 ; Madras Bur., Ind. Off., xv., 448).
5. Louisa Jane Wedderburn. Born at Keith House 16 Sept. 1842. Baptized
there 20 Dec. 1842 (Bl. 93). Married at Tibberton, co. Gloucester, 7 Jan. 1869,
Edward Hope Percival, of the Indian Civil Service, and afterwards of Kimsbury
House, Gloucester. She died at 13, Kensington Park Gardens, London, after a
short illness, 27 April 1895 (buried at Upton S. Leonard's, co. Gloucester), leaving
issue, John Hope, b. 27 Dec. 1870 ; Philip Edward, b. 11 Nov. 1872 ; Norman Scott,
b. 30 May 1881 ; David, b. 12 April 1883 ; and Alice Mary, b. 30 Oct. 1878.
Sir David Wedderburn [1835-82], third baronet of Balindean, and but for
attainder, ninth of Blackness, was born at Woodgreen, Bombay, 20 Dec. 1835, and
baptized at Christ Church, Bycullah, 8 Feb. 1836 (Bl. 93 ; Bomb. Bapt., xii., 94).
His biography has been so fully written by his sister, Mrs. Percival, that only a very
brief account of his career need be given here. (See Life of Sir D. Wedderburn, Kegan,
Paul <fe Co., 1884). He was educated at Hofwyl near Berne (1844-47), at Loretto House,
Musselburgh, and, 1 851-53, at Edinburgh University. In 1854 he matriculated at Cambridge
and went up to Trinity College, where he afterwards (1857) obtained a scholarship. He
graduated B.A. in 1858, having been classed as Senior Optime in the Mathematical Tripos,
and also in the second class of the Science Tripos. After studying law in Edinburgh
and Heidelberg, he was called to the Scotch Bar 17 Dec. 1861 (Adv. Adm. 9), and a year
1 He succeeded as fourteenth baronet of Craighall and to Pinkie on the death, unmarried, of his brother.
Sir John David Hope, jet. 83, on 14 July 1892, and was made a K.C.B. in 1897.
- There is at Meredith an oil painting of her as a child.

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