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Thomas Forbes, for aliment of his wife and her
three younger sisters, from their father's
death to their majority, ... 7300 marks.
John Galloway of Baldivie, on paying these sums, was to have the
lands of Carnbie.
Previous to Lord Dunkeld's* coming over, he writes to his uncle,
Forbes, complaining that his grandmother and uncle, (likely Andrew, who
was probably now dead, as well as his mother) and other relations, had sold his
estate without his knowledge, and not accounted to him for the money. It
is probable they satisfied him when he came over, as he then appears to be
on good terms with them.
* James, lord Dunkeld, Lieutenant- General in the French Service, died in the begin-
ning of the 18th century, February, 1702, during the siege of Cremona, leaving two children,
a son and daughter. The son was first made Garde de la Marche to Louis XV., in 1724, and
afterwards promoted in the army, till, in 1747, he was made Marechal de Camp. Not being
promoted and employed as he expected, when the war broke out in 1756, he obtained his
discharge, and had apartments assigned him in the Chateau of Vincennes, where he died in
or about the year 1780, and was buried in the church there. Some years before his death he
married Madame d'Ancelin, who had a son and daughter, by a former marriage. The son
still retained his apartments at Vincennes, in 1790 ; and the daughter took the veil in the
Convent of Val de Grace, in Paris, and died there, 1785. As Lord Dunkeld left no children,
the male line of his family became extinct, and the patent being to heirs general, as appears
by the copies in the Registers at Edinburgh, it would have descended to the heirs of Katha-
rine Galloway, as eldest daughter of Thomas, lord Dunkeld, if the attainder had not taken
place. [N.B. — The writer seems to have been under a mistake as to the limitation of the
patent, which is to heirs male of the body.]

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