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1685. Certificate of his having taken the Oaths of Allegiance and
Supremacy to James 7th.
1685. List of the lands belonging to Thomas Forbes, and the titles
by which they are held.
1685. Declaration of the Presbytery of Ellon, that the payment by
Thomas Forbes of the sum charged by them on the Salmon Fishing of Ythan,
towards repairing the church, shall not be urged henceforth as a precedent.
1685. John Douglas grants his wife, Grissel Forbes, sasine of his
lands of Tillywhilly.
1686. Contract of Marriage between Alexander Cliristie of Ellon,
and Grissell Forbes of Balmakassie, by which it appears that Jeane Ram-
say (who had left Grissell a legacy), had appointed her son, James Forbes
of Saach, and afterwards of Thornetoune, her heir and executor.
1686. Bond of Sir Thomas Stewart of Balcaskie, one of the Lords
of Session, to Katharine Galloway, daughter of the deceased Thomas lord
Dunkeld, and Dame Margaret Thomson, his wife, for £3000.
1688. Dame Jean Gordon, by will, leaves her personal property to
be equally divided between her three younger sons, John, William, and
1689. Contract of Marriage* between Thomas Forbes of Water-
toune, and Elizabeth Nicholsone, 2d daughter of Sir George Nicolsone of
Balcaskie. In consideration of a fortune of 10,000 marks, he settles on
her the house of Ellon, with Clayhills, Broomfield, Ardgrane, &c, in life-
* This marriage does not appear to have been a happy one, the lady being a rigid
Dissenter, which ill agreed with the principles of her husband's family, as may be judged
from the following anecdote : — Among other superstitious customs of the Churchmen and
Cavaliers of Scotland, was that of eating a goose at Christmas. Thomas Forbes inviting his
tenants and dependents to this annual entertainment, she would not let them enter the
house, and he had the table spread in an out-house in the yard. When they were all set
down, she sent them out the goose unplucked. He also seems to have been on ill terms
with the children she left, as some very sharp letters passed between him and his son, John ;
and his daughter, Margaret, was disinherited by him for marrying Hay of Balbithen against
his consent. As he was then married to a second wife, these disputes with his children may
perhaps be accounted for. John Forbes, his eldest and then only remaining son, by this
marriage, having travelled in France, and become intimate with the Marischal family,
followed their fortunes in 1715, and was killed at the Battle of Sherrifmuir. He appears
from his letters, to have been a sensible and well informed young man.

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