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1680. Rental of the lands of Knapperna, Woodlands, and others, to
be accounted for by Sir Alexander Forbes of Tolquhon, who had held them
six years, amounting to 2572 marks.
1680. Discharge of Anna Forbes, youngest daughter of Thomas
Forbes and Jeane Ramsay, and of her husband, Andrew Middleton of
Pitsgarvie, for four thousand marks, in full of the portion settled upon
her by her said father, Thomas Forbes, with interest, from the year 1678,
when she married.
1680. Alexander, archbishop of Saint Andrews, adjudges to Alex-
ander Cuming of Brunthill, all the lands of Carmucks, Kirkhill, Borrow-
ley, and Clayhills, &c, in consideration of a claim he has on those lands,
for £40,185 6s., by a Decree of the Court of Session in 1668, with interest
since that time.
1681. Sasine of same.*
1683. Contract of marriage between John Chancellor, merchant in
Edinburgh, and Jean Forbes, eldest daughter of Sir John Forbes, with
consent of Thomas Forbes, her brother, Jeane Gordon, her mother, James
Forbes of Savock, her uncle ; John Chancellor engages to settle, on mort-
gage or otherwise, 20,000 marks.
1684. Thomas Forbes granted a bond of provision to John Forbes,
his brother, for 5000 marks.
1684. Ditto to William Forbes, his brother, for four thousand
1684. Ditto to Elizabeth Forbes, his sister, for 3000 marks.
Ditto to Isobell, his sister, for 3000 marks.
1685. Thomas Forbes, having become of age, grants a discharge to
his mother for her acts during his minority, and of the same date obliges
himself to hold her harmless from such debts or obligations as she may
have personally incurred on his account.
* 1680. The titles of these lands remaining in his possession, it appears probable
that Thomas Forbes retained them, on paying to Alexander Cuming and his heirs the sum
adjudged to them, particularly as he afterwards settled part of them as a jointure on
Elizabeth Nicholsone, in the year 1689, and sold part of them, after her death, to James
Gordon of Aberdeen, possibly to enable him to discharge the debts he had contracted by
that and other means.

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