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In the Abstract of the charters and other papers recorded
in the GhartuJary of Tbrphichen from 1581 to 1596 * it is noted
that on 9 April, 1596, this Patrik Gemmill executed a Com-
mission of Replegiation or Resignation of the Templelands into
the hands of his superior Lord Torphichen, and it further
appears that a charter was made 25 June, 1596, of the same
lands in favour of his eldest son
III. John Gemmill and Isobel Ross, his spouse in life rent,
and to John Gemmill, their son, his heirs and assigns in fee.
The latter John Gemmill predeceased his father, and ap-
parently without surviving issue, 2 for there is a precept of
dare constat dated 21 October, 1617, granted by Robert Mont-
gomerie of Hessilhead and Tempill Cunynghame, in favour of
IV. Patrick Gemmill, brother of the late John Gemmill,
who died last vest and seised in the land of Templehouse,
reserving to Patrik Gemmill, father to the said John Gemmill,,
his life rent over the said lands. On the lintel over the
entrance to the barn (now a window) are the initials and
date, " P. G. 1630." A Valuation Roll of Cuninghame for 1640
shews that this Patrick Gemmill was in possession of Temple-
house in that year. (Dobies Pant's Cuninghame, p. 398.)
He is also a subscribing witness to the Will of Agnes
Gemmill, wife of Robert Wilsonne of Over Borland in the
Parish of Dunlop, who died in Nov., 1636. She was probably
a near relative, but in what degree is not stated. By her
Will she bequeathed legacies to her grandsons John Dunlop,
and William Gemmill. {Gomm. Rec, Glasgow.)
From an entry in the Commissariat of Glasgow, dated 31
July, 1665, it appears that Patrick Gemmill married Mar-
garet Montgomery. He died in January and she in Decem-
ber, both in 1662.
1. A copy of tkis scarce book is in the possession of J. A. Gemmill, Ottawa.
2. He appears to have been married, for " Elizabeth Howie, spouse to Johnne Gemmill
Zounger of Tempilhous in the parochin of Dunlop " died in the month of August, 1C16. Patterson's
Hist, of Ayrshire, Vol. 17, p. 238.

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