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endeared her to her relatives and gained her the
esteem of all who knew her" ("Aberdeen Journal'").
He seems to be the Hugh Gordon, Esq., "late of
Dominica," who was the father of the Rev. Geo.
Gordon (1808-39), minister of Knockando (1833-39).
Hugh Gordon was apparently the author of
"Sketches and Revolutions of the West Indies," by
a Resident: London, Smith, Elder & Co., 1820:
dedicated to James Laing, Esq. of Streatham Hill,
London, "late of Dominica."
Jane Gordon, spinster, Roseau, St. George, got
£140 10s Id compensation for nine slaves, Nov. 23,
1855 (P.R.O., T.71, 1562, claim 828).
Janet Gordon, Roseau, got £19 5s 8d compensa-
tion for one slave, Nov. 20, 1835 (P.R.O., T.71,
1562, claim 1020). See also St. Vincent.
John Gordon and James Matthews, Providence
estate, St. Patrick, got £2247 13s lOd for 102 slaves
on their estate ; and £1706 14s 9d for 85 slaves on
the Bedminster estate, St. Patrick, on Nov. 16,
1835 (P.R.O., T.71, 1562, claims 768 and 769).
Gordon and Matthews, as surviving partners of
Alexander Sutherland, were mortgagees under a
deed dated Dec. 4, 1821, for £2044 5s 9d with
interest at 6 per cent, from Jany. 1, 1826, against
the slaves in possession of Marie Adele Beamish,
and raised a counter claim on the estate of Henry
John Glanville and John Henry Newman, Morne
Estate, St. Martin, Dominica, 1835 (P.R.O., T.71,
1562, claim 169).
John Gordon of Roseau, parish of St. George,
and Charles Alfred Francklyn, Tobago (as assignees
of Martha Fleming Otley, of the mortgage dated
March 25, 1750, secured on a moiety of the estate,
£2400, with interest at 5 per cent, from April 30,
1824), put in a counter claim to Thomas Coles,
Hatton Garden estate, St. Andrew's parish, Domi-
nica, who had 225 slaves (P.R.O., T.71, 1562, claim
Lucinda Gordon, Roseau, got £38 lis 5d com-
pensation for two slaves, Nov. 30, 1835 (P.R.O.,
T.71, 1562, claim 926).
W. Gordon, "Esq., of Dominica," had a daughter,
Elizabeth Sophia, who married, Dec. 5, 1827, at
Chelsea, James Rae, R.N. ; Gordon was dead at
the time ("Gentleman's Magazine," vol. 97, part ii.,
p. 556).
William Gordon, of Banff and Dominica, died
before July 16, 1854, on which date his widow,
Mary, died at Walton House, Eastway, Kent, aged

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