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Heraldry of the Stewarts

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Some Stewart Books.
1. "A Trewe Description of the Nobill Race of the Stewards." Amsterdam, 1603. Folio.
2. "Memoirs of the Family of the Stuarts, and the remarkable providence of God towards them." London
1683. 8vo.
3. Sir George Mackenzie's "Defence of the Royal Line of Scotland." Two Tracts. London, 1685. Svo.
1686. 4to.
4. Mr Stewart's "Royal Family Described; or, the Characters of James I., Charles I., Charles II. and
James II." London, 1702. 4to.
5. Matthew Kennedy's "Chronological, Genealogical and Historical Dessertation on the Royal Family of the
Stuarts." Taris, 1705. 8vo.
6. George Crawfurd's "History of the Family of the Stewarts, 1034-1710." Edinburgh, 1710. Folio.
Paisley, 1782. 4to, continued. Paisley, 1818. 4to, continued.
7. David Simson's "Historical and Genealogical Account of the most illustrious House of Stewart." Edin-
burgh, 1712. 8vo. London, 1713. 4to.
8. Richard Hay's "Essay on the Origin of the Royal Family of the Stewarts." Edinburgh, 1722. 4to. 1793.
9. Duncan Stewart's "Short Historical and Genealogical Account of the Royal Family of Scotland." Edin-
burgh, 1739. 410, with Chart.
10. " State of the Evidence for proving that Sir John Stuart of Castlemilk is the Lineal Heir Male of Sir Wm.
Stuart of Castlemilk, who lived in the Fourteenth Century." 1794. 4to.
11. Mark Noble's "Royal House of Stuart." 1795. 410.
12. Andrew Stuart's "Genealogical History of the Stewart's." 1798. 4to.
13. Sir Henry Steuavt's "Genealogy of the Stewarts Refuted." Edinburgh, 1799. 4to. (Being a Letter to
Andrew Stuart, No. 12).
14. Andrew Stuart's " Supplement to the Genealogical History of the Stewarts." 1799. 4to.
15. E. William's "View of the Evidence for Proving that the Paternal Ancestor of the present Earls of Galloway
was the second son of Sir Alex. Stewart of Darnley." 1801. 4to.
16. J. Riddell's "Salt Foot Controversy, involving the Descent of the Family of Stewart of Allanton," Edin-
burgh, 1818. 8vo.
17. Thos. Waterhouse's "Genealogical Account of the Royal House of Stuart from the Year 1043 down to the
Present Period." Grantham, 1826. Svo.
18. Mark Napier's "History of the Partition of the Earldom of Lennox, with a Vindication of the Antiquities
of Merchision and Thirlestane." Edinburgh, 1835. 8vo.
19. John Riddell's "Additional Remarks upon the Question of the Lennox or Rusky Representation."
1835. 8vo.
20. Mrs Calderwood's "Coltness Collections, comprising Memorials of the Stewarts of Allanton, Coltness, etc."
1842. 4to.
21. J. Riddell's " Stewartiana, containing the Case of King Robert II. and Elizabeth Mure." Edinburgh,
1843. Svo.
22. Hon. A. G. Stuart's "Genealogical and Historical Sketch of the Stuarts of the House of Castle Stuart in
Ireland." With Plates. Edinburgh, 1854. 4to.
23. Ayton's "Fitzallan and Stuart." 1856.
24. Wm. Townend's "Descendants of the btuarts, an Unchronicled Page in England's History." London,
February 1858. 8vo. October 1858. Svo. 1867. Svo.
25. Sir Wm. Fraser's "Red Book of Grantully." Edinburgh, 1868. 4to. 2 vols.
26. Sir Wm. Fraser's "The Lennox." Edinburgh, 1874. 4to. 2 vols.
27. Chas. Poyntz Stewart's " Memorials of the Stewarts of Fothergill." Edinburgh, 1879. 4to.
28. Mark Napier's " The Lanox of Auld ; an Epistolary Review of ' The Lennox,' by Wm. Fraser." Edinburgh,
1880. 4to.
29. Louisa L. Forbes' "Stuart of Allanbank" (1643-1880). Folding Sheet. Edinburgh, 1880.
30. John H. J. and Duncan Stewart's "Stewarts of Appin." Edinburgh, 1880. 4to.
31. Sir William Fraser's "Red Book of Menteith." Edinburgh, 1S80. 4to. 2 vols.
32. Sir William Fraser's "Dukes of Albany and their Castle of Doune." Edinburgh, 188 1. 4to.
33. George Burnett's " Red Book of Menteith Reviewed." Edinburgh, 1881. Small 4to.
34. Lady Elizabeth Cust's " Some Account of the Stuarts of Aubigny in France (1422-1672)." 1891.
35. W. A. Lindsay's " Pedigree of the House of Stewart, Compiled for the Stewart Exhibition." Large Chart.
36. J. Horace Round's "Studies in Peerage and Family History." London, 1901. 8vo.
37. "The Story of the Stewarts." Printed for the Stewart Society. 1901.
Note. — No attempt has been made to include works dealing with Queen Mary or Prince Charles Edward
as their name is legion.

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