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provement lie left them and went across to Caen in
Normandy (where his cousins G. C. and E. L. Boase
were then residing) with the intention of studying
the French language, but in about two months
hearing of a situation in the Drawing Office at
H.M. Dockyard, Portsmouth, he returned to England
and obtained the place of draughtsman at the Steam
factory there. In 1857 Lilly Bank Foundry,
Dundee, being to let, he in conjunction with Wm.
Wylie Neish took it and entered into partnership as
machine makers under the title of Pearco and Neish
for five years from 31st March, at the expiration of
which time the partnership was allowed to run out.
On 31 Mch. 1802, he joined his brother H. J. Pearee,
and under the title of Pearee Brothers, steam engine
and boiler makers, millwrights, etc., the firm still
continues. W. A. Pearee m. firstly at St. Paul's
Dundee, 14 .Tuue 1S-53, his first cousin Anna Maria,
eld. dau. of H. S. Boase, m.d. She was b. Chapel
street, Penzance, 26 Aug. 1827, and d. Broughty
Ferry, Dundee, 4 Nov. 1871. The issue of this
marriage were (1) Richard, b. King street, Portsea,
15 May 18.56, bap. Holy Trinity Church; (2) Lilian,
b. Princes street, Dundee, IS July 1858, bap. C. A.
Church. 13 Aug. ; (3) Anna Henrietta, b. Princes
street, Dundee, 1 Sep. 186-1, bap. C. A. Church, 7
Oct. 1864, d. Dundee, 8 Feb. 1S65, bur. the Eastern
cemetery. W. A. Pearee was m. secondly atDenbrae
near St. Andrews, by the Rev. A. H. K. Boyd, D.D.,
24 Sep. 1873, to AnnBoswall, eld. dau. of Alexander
Watson Wemyss, n.n. She wus b. Edinburgh, 29
Apl. 1836. The issue are (1) Elizabeth Rosa, b
1, Balgillo crescent, Broughty Ferry, 15 June 1874,
bap. Episcopal Church, 31 July: (2) Harriet Evelyn,
b. Broughty Ferry, 2 Nov. 1875, bap. Episcopal
Church, 1 Dec.
Anna Maria b. Park Row, Greenwich, 16 June. 1828,
d. Greenwich, 16 Nov. 1829, bur. St. Mary's Church-
yard, Penzance.
William b. 29 July 1798 d. Sierra Leone, 20 July
1813. He was a Midshipman of H M. frigate " Thais,"
Capt. Edward Scobell.
(4) Lionel Ripley b. Trcdinny, 22 Mch. 1801 d. Jamaica
19 July 1835. He m. a widow in Liverpool.
(1) Elizabeth b. Penzance 7 June 1796 rn. Francis Lugg,
builder, Penzance. By a first wife F. Lugg had two
The arms arc 1 Pearee, 2 Jones, 3 Ripley, 4 as the first.
Pearee — Az. on a fess Ar., 3 pellets between as many pelicans
Or. The crest, an arm em bowed in armour, holding an arrow
in pale, the shaft resting on tin 1 wreath.
The following also occur at Paul ; some others are added
in parenthesis. —
Marriages —
1600, Nov. 9, John Pears m. Elizabeth Roben,
1608, Nov. 2, Martin Pcrs m. Margaret.
1618, Sep. 19, John Pears m. Florence.
1635, Aug. 18, John Pearee m. Philippa.
1640, June 8, William Pierse (:-) m Mary.
(1649, Aug. 15, at St. Erth, Philippa dau. of Thomas
Pearee of St. Just m. John son of John Legow of Ludgvan).
1607, Nov. 29, Phillis Pearee m. Richard Keigwin.
1670, Sep. 24, William Pearee m. Elizabeth.
(1672, Jan. 6, at Burian, John Pcares m. , name not
1683, Oct. 29, Nicholas Pearee m. Thomasin.
1698, Ap. 30, Christian Pearee m. John Ycaman.
1699, Ap. 18. John Pearee m. Mary Nicholls.
1703, Oct. 10, John Pearee m. Margaret Cotton.
1705, Oct. 13, Mary Pearee m. William Keigwin.
1705, Nov. 17, Mary Pearee m. Bernard Yeaman, both of
1749, June 29, Honor Pearee m. Richard Keigwin.
1830, ? Ann Pearee of Newlyn m. George Glasson of
Baptisms —
160^, Mch. 23, John son of John Pearee.
160i, Mch. 2, Jacob son of John Peris.
(1658, June 14, at Burian, born Elizabeth dau. of John
Pearee and Tamsin, and bap. 19).
(1663, July 26, at Burian, Richard son of John Peares
and Tamzen.
(166$, Jan. 19, at Burian, Grace dau. of John Peares and
16S0, June 20, William son of John Pearee.
1682, Oct. 8, Jane dau. of Humfry Pearee.
1695, May 19, Nicholas son of Nicholas Pearee.
1696, Ap. 26, Catherine dau. of Humfry Pearee.
1699, May (? 7), Grace dau. of Humfry Pearee.
1699, Sep. 17, John and Jane son and dau. to Nicholas
fffo- J an - 28, John son of John Pearee.
Burials —
1724, Oct. 20, Ruth wife of Richard Pearee, gentleman.
(172J, Feb. 22, at Burian, Abigal Pearso).
(1752, Jan. 1, at Burian. Timothy Pearee).
(1758, July 28, at Burian, Tryphena Pearee, widow).
(1759, Jan. 24, at Burian, Timothy Pearee.
The following occur at Madron : —
Marriages —
15S4', Nov. 20, Richard Perse m. Elizabeth.
1589, July 13, Richard Peres in. Elizabeth.
1653, Sep. 24, Thomas Pearse m. Jone.
•1654, May 6, William Pearse m. Elloner.
1663, Nov. 6, William Pearse m. Elizabeth.
1665, June 5, Humfry Pearse m. Mary.
170^ Jan. 24, Loveday Pearee of Penzance m. Alexander
1 7 03 Oct. 6, Frances dau. of Thomas Pearee of Penzance
m. Philip Carne of Gulval.
1701 Jan. 1, Mary Pearee of Penzance m. Gregory Tre-
gurtha of Paul.
\"0'i Jan. 27, Timothy Pearee of S. Levan m. Tryphena
Rodda of Madron.
1708 Sep. 27, John Euden m. Ann Pearee, both of Pen-
1754, Ap. 15, Mary Pearee m. Richard Pasco, both of
1760, Dec. 23, John Pearee, Independent Minister, Pen-
zance, m. Anne Pidwcll of Penzance, witnesses, Benjamin
Pidwell, Alice Pearee.
1761, Dec. 13, Susanna Pearee m. Charles Gwavas, both
of Penzance, witnesses, Nicholas Pearee and Rachel Gwavas.
1765, Susanna Pearee and Charles Gwavas witness m. of
John Michell and Rachel Gwavas.
1764, Sep. 30, Nicholas Pearee of Penzanco m. Grace
Harvey of S. Ives.
1771, Jan. 7, John Pearee m. Juliana Paull, both of Pen-
zance, witnesses, Mary Cole, Jane Paull.
1663, Aug. 13, Elloner dau. of William Pearse.
1665, Sep. 17, Leonard son of William Pearse.
1665, Sep. 17, Thomas son of Humfry Pearse.
1665, Jan. 27, Elizabeth dau. of William Pearse.
1670, May 21, William son of William Pearee.
1679, May 9, Dorcas dau. of Mr. William Pearee.
16S3, Ap. 22, William son of George Pearee.
16S6, Dec. 26, Ann dau. of William Pearee.
169y, Feb. 14, Richard son of John Pearee.
Burials —
1578, Aug. 10, Jedna dau. of Symon Peres.

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