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The following account of the Boase family and of persons with whom
they have been and are connected in marriage is now printed for family use
only ; and with the twofold object of preserving the information collected by
the compilers of this work, and of eliciting from the various heads of families
further and more accurate details about their own branches. This must
therefore be considered in the light of a preliminary sketch to be filled up
more fully on a future occasion.
The difficulties of writing even a short work of this nature will be
known to all who have been engaged in similar pursuits ; no apology is there-
fore offered for the occurrence of a certain number of mistakes which were
unavoidable, since almost every line contains a fact or a date.
Mr. George Bown Millett of Penzance is now engaged in editing the
earliest register of the parish of Madron, a work which will be useful to
place beside this family history, as by its use it wdl be possible to verify
many of the dates here mentioned and add further particulars.
The Compilers desire that their relatives will kindly supply an account
of errors and omissions, with additional matter respecting intermarriages and
the pedigrees of families with which such marriages have taken place.
It is hoped that this work may serve to keep up a feeling of relationship
between families now scattered far and wide over Great Britain, but all
tracing then- original descent to the county of Cornwall.

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