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jvKsiroiiT. VIII. Sir James Sandilands Ha-
milton, who succeeded to the estate in
1 699, as appears by a general service of
retour, dated 1 8th August in that year,
in which he is styled eldest son of the
marriage between Walter Sandilands
and Anna Hamilton, and heir of pro-
vision of the said marriage.
Dying without issue, in 1733, he was
succeeded by his brother, Captain Wal-
ter Sandilands, who also took the name
of Hamilton.
VIII. Sir Walter Sandilands Ha-
milton, a Captain in the Army. He
was Aid-de-camp to General Church-
hill, and served thirteen campaigns
under the Duke of Marlborough. He
lost some of the fingers of his right hand
in battle.
He married his cousin Helen, daugh-
ter of Thomas Hamilton of Olivestob,
by whom he had issue :
1. James S. Hamilton, a Captain in
the Army.
He was so severely wounded at the
battle of Fontenoy that the amputation
of his leg became necessary.
2. Thomas, a Captain in the Army.
He served with distinction, and was at
the taking of Senegal.
These two brothers both dying about
the end of the war, in 1762, without
issue, the succession devolved on their
eldest sister.
1. Daughter, Grizel, of whom again,
and other daughters.
IX. Grizel Hamilton, who mar-
died young.
ried John Ferrier, Esq. of Kirkland in
Renfrewshire, writer in Edinburgh, and
had issue :
1. William, their successor.
2. Walter, who commanded a ship in
the East India Company's service. He
married Miss Wallace of Cairnhill in
Ayrshire, by whom he had issue: 1.
John, who succeeded his uncle William
in the estate. 2. Archibald, Major of
the 92d Regiment of Foot, died unmar-
ried. 3. Thomas, died young. 4. Wil-
liam, Ensign in the 57th Foot. 1.
Daughter, Jane, married to Thomas
Riddell, Esq. of Camieston, and has
issue. 2. Anne, died young. 3. Grizel-
Sophia, died young. 4. Margaret. 5.
Lilias, died young.
3. Thomas,
4. Otho,
5. James, one of the principal clerks
of Session. He married Miss Coutts,
and has issue: 1. John, W.S. who mar-
ried Miss Wilson, and has issue. 2.
Archibald, married Miss Garden, and
left issue. 3. Lorn, Lieutenant in the
Army, died unmarried. 4. James,
Lieutenant-Colonel in the Army, died
unmarried. 5. William, Captain in the
Army, died unmarried. 6. Walter,
W.S. married Miss Gordon, and has
issue. 1. Daughter, Jane, married to
Lieutenant-General Grahamc, Lieuten-
ant-Governor of Stirling Castle, and
has issue. 2. Jessie, married to James
Connell, Esq. of Conheath, Dumfries-
shire, and has issue. 3. Helen, married
to James Kinloch, Esq. Banker, Lon-
don, and has issue. 4. Susan, unmarried.
} di

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