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He has also to express his acknowledgments to Messieurs William and George Ro-
bertson, Deputy Keepers of Records in the General Register House, for permitting
him to consult the Great Seal Register ; and to the curators of the Advocates' Library
for allowing him free access to the collection of books and manuscripts in that valuable
C. D. Donald, Esq. writer, Glasgow, and J. G. Hamilton, Esq. obligingly permitted
him to consult the Records of the Commissariat of Glasgow ; as did John Drysdale,
Esq. sheriff-clerk of Lanarkshire, the Records of the Slieriff-Court of Hamilton.
In a particular manner he has to acknowledge the obligations he is under to that
profound antiquary, John Riddell, Esq. advocate, for his kindness in furnishing him,
among other curious information, with several original and interesting documents of
great utility to the work.
His best thanks are likewise due to Sir William Hamilton of Preston, Bart, for
pointing out various sources from whence much valuable information was derived.
To Mrs Muir of Greenhall, near Hamilton, he is indebted for the use of some books
which had belonged to that distinguished genealogist the late Andrew Stuart, Esq. of
Torrance. And his thanks are also due to Dr John Hume of Hamilton, for some
valuable assistance to the work.
The author has also to express his grateful acknowledgments to the various gentle-
men of the name who have assisted him with communications regarding their own or
other families.
He has exceeded, by about 100 pages, the original compass of the work, in con-
sequence of additional materials having been received while in progress of printing ;
and, since the last sheet was in the press, several valuable communications have been
made, which were too late for insertion, but which, along with other important in-
formation, that the author expects to receive hereafter, will be printed in the form of
a Supplement, conformable to the size of this work, ,and so as to admit of its being
bound up along with it.

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