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{Records, p. 236.)
The name is frequently found in Argyllshire, more especially
in Cowal and Kintyre, the ancient seat of the Cinel Gabran.
A family of Fergussons were landowners for centuries in
Strachur, and another originally from Ayrshire were also
settled there. In the churchyard of Strachur is a tombstone
bearing on one side a remarkably well executed representa-
tion of the arms, crest, and motto of the Kilkerran family,
with the words above ' The armes of the HonB. Fergusons of
Kilcarran,' and an inscription on the other to the memory
of John Ferguson, farmer, Glensluain, who died on 9th
November 1774, aged 55, stating that it was erected by John
Ferguson. Mr. Alex. Macarthur, Oban, whose mother was a
Fergusson, states that his grandfather ' came from Ayrshire
to Argyllshire a little over a century ago/ while another
family to which a cousin of his wife's belongs ' are known to
have come to Argyllshire from the county of Ayr, a long
time ago, and settled at Glenbranter at the head of Loch
Eck.' The tradition is that one at least of these families was
of the house of Kilkerran. The owner and tenant of Glen-
branter at one time in last century were both Fergussons,
but whether relations or not is not known. As the course of
the Curr is ascended northward from Loch Eck, the house of
Glenshellish is seen on the left, and beyond it, on the other
side of the tributary formed by the burns that flow north-
wards down Glenshellish, and eastwards down Glenbranter,
the farm of Glenbranter. Further north still, the Curr is
joined by another tributary flowing north-eastwards down
Glensluain, immediately north of which is the farm of Glen-
sluain. The road to Loch Fyne, after passing Glensluain,

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