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(257) John Hamilton of Halcraig, living 1662. He married Jean, daughter of
William Mure of Glanderstoun, and had : —
0) John (No. 258).
(b) William Hamilton, to whom his brother was served heir
30th November 1703. He married Katherine Wood,
whose Will, as "relict," was recorded 13th March 171 1
(258) Sir John Hamilton of Halcraig, Senator of the College of
JUSTICE. Married, 1668, Ursula, daughter of William Ralston of that
Ilk. His Will, and that of his son, John, recorded nth April 1707
(Edinburgh). His son : —
(259) John Hamilton of Halcraig, died s.p. September 1706. His sisters,
Anne, Isobel, and Elizabeth, were retoured to him and also to their father
9th January 1708.
Authority — Burke's Landed Gentry.
(260) Gavin Hamilton of Killyleigh, Co. Down, third son of Archibald
Hamilton (No. 256), died 1703. He married Jane, daughter of Archibald
Hamilton, and had : —
(261) Archibald Hamilton of Killyleigh, died 25th April 1747. He married
Mary, daughter of David Johnstone of Tully, Co. Monaghan, and had : —
(a) Gawen (No. 262).
(b) William Hamilton of Killough. Married Elizabeth Caddell,
and had two sons : —
(1) William Hamilton, died s.p.
(2) David Hamilton, died s.p.
(262) Gawen Hamilton of Killyleigh, born 1729; died 9th April 1805. He
married, 28th May 1750, Jane, only child of William Rowan, Barrister,
and had : —
(263) Archibald Hamilton Rowan of Killyleigh Castle, born 12th May
1752; died 1st November 1834. He married, 6th October 1781, Sarah,
daughter of Walter Dawson of Carrickmacross, Co. Monaghan, and had
issue : —
(a) Gawen William Rowan Hamilton, born 1783 ; died v.p. 17th
August 1834. He married, 1817, Catherine, daughter of
General Sir George Cockburn, and had : —
(1) Archibald (No. 264).
(2) George Rowan Hamilton, born 1822 ; died 4th
March 1902.
ib) Sydney Hamilton, born 1789. Married daughter of Henry
Jackson of Carrickmacross, and had issue.
(c) Archibald Hamilton, died at Gibraltar.
{d) Frederick Hamilton, R.N., born 1793 ; killed 181 1.
(e) Dawson Hamilton, born 1801. Married and had issue.
(264) Archibald Rowan Hamilton of Killyleigh Castle succeeded his
grandfather, born 9th August 1818; died 2nd May i860. He married,

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