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ed his counsels ; jealousy had scattered his laurels j
treason had broken his sword. The strong warrior
tasted of captivity : — the captive of one who, in this
instance, knew not the soul of a brave man. Death,
painful, ignominious, is decreed. One way of escape
is open. Life, freedom — nay, wealth, rank, are at-
tainable. How ? " Betray thy country." " Never ! "
shouted the insulted patriot. " To the scaffold,
then!" cried the enraged tyrant. The brave, the
beautiful, the good, sought to save the life of the
hero— in vain. Edward is inexorable. The scaf-
fold streams with blood, the best, the bravest that
ever circled in Scottish veins. His kinglike body,
hewn to pieces by the common executioner, is borne
— a terrible spectacle! — to the principal cities of
his native land. The great of Scotland's enemies
behold, horror-stricken. The great of Scotland's
friends grow strong in terrible resolution. Venge-
ance ! Vengeance, as yet voiceless, gathers her giant
limbs, and prepares herself for strong work. In the
blood of Wallace the fates have written, " Edward
shall never rule Scotland ! " Tyranny smites down
one patriot, and the sun of next day shines upon
another. Might cannot finally triumph over right.
The love of liberty is strong in the heart of man,
and the heart of man is of God, and terrible in its
strength. Wallace had fallen, but the falling banner
of Scotland is upheld by the arm of the Bruce, —
Bruce, the true king of Scotland ; he for whom
W T allace fought, not died: — Wallace died for his
country. Bruce bears up the banner of Scotland
now ; Bruce is the champion of Scotland now ; Bruce
is the hope of Scotchmen now. Honour to the Bruce !
Around their king the might of England is con-

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