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Scots worthies, 1560-1688

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James Sharp, D.D. ioi
judgment — the need of faith, good works, repentance, and growth
in grace. When they reached Magus Muir, a lonely hillside some
miles from St. Andrews, the carriage was attacked and the murder,
long designed, accomplished. Probably not accustomed to such a
near view of the primate, "the reverence of his person and his
composed carriage surprised and awed the villains : one of them,
relenting, cried, ' Spare those grey hairs.' " Having , dragged him
from the carriage, stabbed and maimed him, cut at him on the hands
and head, he lay down "as if he had been to compose himself to
sleep. The murderers then cut and hacked the back of his head,
and gave him sixteen wounds on his head till they gashed into one
hole. In effect the whole occipital part was but one wound. Some
of them, to make sure work, stirred his brains in his skull with the
points of their swords." The last words of the dying servant of
God were, "Lord forgive them, for I do: Lord Jesus, receive my
spirit." This took place May 3rd, 1679. He was buried in the
parish church of St. Andrews, under a stately monument of black
and white marble erected by his son. In the kneeling figure in
the monument the same mildness and benignity appear in the face
as in the portraits. The writer will only add an abstract of his
character, given by Mr. Gordon, presbyterian minister of Banff, in
1798: — "He bestowed a considerable part of his income in min-
istering to pressing indigence, and relieving the wants of private
distress. In the exercise of his charity he had no contracted views.
The widows and orphans of the presbyterian brethren richly shared
his bounty without knowing whence it came. He died with the
intrepidity of a hero and the piety of a Christian, praying for his
assassins with his latest breath."

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