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Scots worthies, 1560-1688

(69) Page 49 - David, Lord Madertie

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(69) Page 49 - David, Lord Madertie
David, Lord Madertie.
SOME of our readers, I am sure, love old books ; a good number
more would like to see or know about a famous old library.
How many have visited Innerpeffray ? It is in Perthshire, not
very far from Crieff, and was formerly a part of the abbey possessions
of Inchaffray. Innerpeffray library and school is the foundation of
a royalist scholar, who was also a true churchman and earnest
student — David, lord Madertie, the friend and brother-in-law of
the great marquis of Montrose. Hard by is the old collegiate
church, founded in 1508, where generations of the Drummonds
lie buried. A visit to Innerpeffray carries the pilgrim back in
spirit hundreds of years. Its peaceful seclusion away from the
" madd'ning crowd," was particularly " borne in " upon us on our
last visit ; for a couple of hours before we had been in Dundee
amid a " strike stricken " crowd. A delightful guide we had through
the store of books in the lady who so ably and worthily presides
over the foundation of lord Madertie. We all hailed from the
north-east — the true home of the non-exotic church of Scotland, and
so, amid pleasant remembrances and ancient lore, was spent a
happy day indeed.
But I must tell the story of lord Madertie and Innerpeffray.
The ancient house of Drummond has produced nobles, prelates,
priests, and many a brave gentleman. The representative of lord
Madertie, true to the unbroken traditions of his house, was duly
in his place the other day at that magnificent service in Perth
cathedral, when the primus of Scotland blessed the new bishop of
St. Andrews and all of us, in form both " meet and right." How
different a day that from another day — that on which we first
hear of the then master of Madertie. He is a young man ready
to fight for the "white king," under the banner of Montrose. It
is Sunday, September 1, 1644, the field of Tippermuir. Let us
hear Dr. Wishart's account (from the splendid edition of the
" Deeds of Montrose," for which we have partly to thank Canon
Murdoch) : — " Montrose had sent Drummond, lord Maderty's eldest

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