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Detection of infamy

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to himself, and to the honor of the very ancient and noble
family of which he is the heir male representative, to
assert in the face of the world those causes which ite in
stric'ness of truth believes to have been surreptitiou-dy and
unjustly exercised against him to the depriving him of
his birth-right, to the slander of his reputation, and to
the discredit of that Government under which he looks
upon himself entitled to the rights of a British subject.
The Duke of Melfort does not call upon the Par-
liament of Great Britain to take upon itself the deci-
sion of his claim to the honours and estates of Perth,
he only applies to them to make a revision of that act,
which he consMers to have been passed to bis injury,
under a most wicked attempt by his spoliators to pervert
the .pure course of parliamentary justice.
The Duke, notwithstanding his sufferings, the distress
his adversaries have occasioned him, and the ignominies
they have cast upon him, yet looks up to the British Se-
nate not to suffer the act in question to remain unre-
viewed. He then pins his faith in the national honour of
that assembly to render him justice upon that point,
without making any interference upon the nature of what
ot her proceedings may be requisite for him to adopt, in
order to establish his claim to the dignities and estates of
Perth, but leaving the same open for him to pursue in such
of the courts of Judicature as may be the most proper to
make a legal decision thereon.
H. A. Causion, Printer, £irchm-Lane f C'ornhill.

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