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Detection of infamy

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Now the benevolent Act of Parliament for the resto-
ration of the Perth Estates, passed the 24th George III.
thus recites, viz.
Chap. LVII. Sect. 10.
" And whereas the Estate of Perth, which became
" forfeited by the attainder of John Drummond taking
" upon himself the stile or title of Lord John Drum-
" mond, brother to James, taking upon himself the stile
" or title of Duke of Perth stood devised be fore the for-
" feiture to heirs mule. And whereas, the said Johu
" Drummond died without issue lawful of his bo'y, and
" it is not yet ascertained who is his nearest collateral
" heir male ; be it enacted, by Ihe authority aforesaid,
" that it shall and may be lawful to His Majesty, his
" heirs and successors, to give, gr. nt, and dispose to
iC the heirs male of the said John Drummond, who would
" have been entitled to succeed by the investitures of
" the said estate had it not been forfeited ; and to the
" heirs and assigns of such heir male, all and every the
" Lands, Lordships, Baronies, Fisheries, Tithes, Patron-
" ages, and other Heritages and Estates, which became
" forfeited to his said late Majesty, by the attainder of the
" said John Drummond, and which were annexed to the
" Crown as aforesaid, subject always to, and chargeable
"with, the sum of £52,547 Is. 6d. and ihree-twelKh
" parts of a penny sterling, of principal monej, to be
" paid unto the said Court of Exchequer, as after di-
" rected."
XXXIV. Act 25, Geo. II. Cap. 41, repealed.
" And be it enacted,*' &c* " that the said Act, 1 ' &c,
" whereby the several Estates already mentioned were
C 2
* Page 942, in the Printed Act, 1784.

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