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Detection of infamy

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But whether the person who really died at Lisbon in
August, 178), i>e denominated tie Lerd James Drum-
mond, or Lord Dram no id, tie listinjfion becomes im-
material, as by tiia death of the s lid -person, however
described, it is certi'm th it with him terminated the
male line of the issue of the Earl of Meifort by his first
wife Sopaia Lundin.
On this important occurrence the scene begins to open.
It is almost in the remembrance of every one that soaie about 1783, the forfeited estates in Scotland were
talked of, as being about to be restored to the families
of their former owners; at that period, the only heirs
remaining of the Family of Perth, were the Drummonds
of the line of Meifort, then residing in France ; but the
death of the Honourable James Drummond (or Lord
James Drummond) was not then made known, or t e
place of his burial, and though it began to be propagated,
yet being unauthenticated, it was affected to be given
out, " that he was gone to the East Indies with the
" 42nd Regiment, and was wading his return with
« itr
Thus the British Parliament, uncertain to what per-
son the Perth Estate should be restored, under that de-
gree of douht, passed the Act of "24 Geo. 1*1. hereinalter
more particularly referred to.
Now in the year 1783, there was in the E^st Indies an
officer named John or James Drummond, xn &n*ig*i,
in the first battalion of the 73rd Regiment of High-
landers ; of this regiment, it is well known that the
second battalion, which was at Gibraltar, was reduced or
disbanded about the said year 1/83, in order tfo tie incor-
porated into the second battalion of tiie 42nd Hig .!•- nders,
and that the officers of the said second battalion oi the
73d were put on half-pay, as appears from the Army
of the yeprs 1785 and 1786

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