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Detection of infamy

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" Lord James Drummoncl, aged 35 years, was
" buried on the 13th of August, in the
" year 1780."
" I certify that the above is a faithful Extract from
the said Register. Taken at Lisbon, this 14th of October,
1807, by me,
His Britannic Majesty\s Chaplain to
the Factory at Lisbon."
" I, William Williamson, Vice-Consul to the Bri-
" tish Nation in the City of Lisbon, do hereby
" certify unto all whom it doth or may concern,
" that the above signature is of the proper hand-
" writing of Herbert Hill, M. A. his Britannic
" Majesty's Chaplaijn for the British Factory at
" Lisbon, and that full and entire faith and credit
" are and siiouM always be had and given in Court
" of Judicature or thereout.
" Given under my Hand and Seal
" of Office at Lisbon, the 14th of
" October, 1807.
Vice Consul"
These Certificates from Lisbon are further corrobo-
rated by the following extract from a book, No. I. con-
taining (among other things) the register of burials of
pet sons belonging to the British Factory at Lisbon, from
the 20th of August, 1721, to the 30th of December, 1793,
and now remaining in the principal reg ! stry of the Archi-
episcopal See of Canterbury, kept at the Vicar-General's
Office, Doctors' Commons.

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