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Detection of infamy

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Perth, in prejudice of the late Duke of Melfort, who
had better right.
The extravagant actions of Count de Melfort haying
q;iven rise to many slanderous reflections on the present
Duke (whose character, notwithstanding his misfortunes,
is unimpeachable in point of honour and integrity) he
deemed it better some time since to assume the title of
Earl «f Perth instead of that of Melfort, which he had
previously (as the higher dignity) been accustomed to
use ; and indeed, when all circumstances are duly con-
sidered, the propriety of this assumption is well warranted,
both by reason that the same appears to attach to him in
a strict course of legal inheritance, and that it distin-
guishes him the more conspicuously from those of the
other branches of the Melfort line, who have so disgraced
the fair reputation of their family.
Now for the better explanation of what has before
been intimated with regard to the late Lord Perth, the
person who, under the name of Capt. John or James
Drummond, acquired the Perth inheritance, it is to be
observed :
The Earl of Melfort (from whom the Captain pretended
to derive his descent) had issue by his first wife Sophia,
heiress of Lundin before-mentioned, two sons, viz, James
and Robert ; of these, James died without issue, and
Robert became his heir. This Robert, called of Lundin,
had two sons, John and James: the first died issueless,
and the last was heir to his brother. This James in 1760,
upon the failure of issue male from the body of James,
fourth Earl of Perth (the Chancellor) took upon himself
the title of Earl of Perth. He married Lady Rachaei
Bruce, and had issue three sons, viz.
1. Robert, who died in his infancy.
2. Thomas, who when his father took the title of Earl
of Perth, assumed that of Lord Drummond, and was

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