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Detection of infamy

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FRIORto entering into general particulars, it will be
proper to give a short history of the Pedigree of the
Family, which entitles the Duke of Melfort to tne
right of claiming the dignity of Earl of Perth.
James, the third Earl of Perth, who died in 1675, left
two sons, viz.
1. James, who succeeded him, and was the fourth Earl
of Perth, and Lord High Chancellor of Scotland ; and,
2. John, who was created Viscount, and after-
wards Earl of Melfort, in the years 1663 and 1686, as
appears by the patents, registered in the records of the
Scotch Parliament, in public prints, and in the archives
of the family.
James, fourth Earl of Perth, elder brother of the said
John Earl of Melfort, having been attached to his unfor-
tunate master and relative, King James II. of England,
was confined in the castle of Stirling, where he remained
prisoner, from the end of 1689 until 1693, when, being
liberated, he was ordered to quit Britain, nevpr to return
without the permission of King William and Queen Mary,
and their Privy Council : but he was not outlawed. He
resided for some time in Italy, and from thence removed
to St. Germain's, where the exiled Monarch, who had
created his brother John Duke of Melfort three years
before, namely in 1692, also created him Duke of Per.h,
by royal letters patent ; both which patents are under
the great seal of Scotland, and as such made both duke-
doms Scotch honours.

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