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Stirling peerage

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manors, lands, tenements, or hereditaments, or to casualties
belonging to the Crown, shall continue to be heai-d and
decided in the Court of Session as was used, and of right
ought to have been by law and practice of Scotland at the
time of the Union, and not otherwise, any thing in this act
contained to the contrary notwithstanding.
" And, moreover, the act for establishing the new Court of
Exchequer in Scotland leaves the determination of all civil
and patrimonial rights even between the king and subject, to
trial and decision of the Lords of the Session, as was used
before the Union.
" Now my Lords, I contend that the Maixhioness of Down-
shire ought to be required to establish her right to the
Stirling peerage before I am called upon to answer ; and that
consequently she should be sent to the Court of Session to
dispute my right to the honours of the peerage, where she
would necessarily be compelled to condescend upon and
prove her title to sue ; and that in no other cause can equal
justice be done to both parties, according to the laws in such
case made and provided.
(Signed) " Stirling."
From 4th April to 21st August, 1832, a series of
letters argumentative in Lord Stirling's favour by
" A. B." (a convenient friend, presumed to be the
genealogical Baronet of Nova Scotia, previously men-
tioned,) appeared in the columns of the Morning Post
and the Times. They resemble the other " fugitive
pieces " emitted by the adherents of this " much
injured nobleman," with this exception, that they are
so very trashy as not to merit reprinting.
After the dissolution of Parliament, in December of
that year, Mr Humphrys addressed the following-
letters to the Peers of Scotland. It is very obvious

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