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Stirling peerage

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whereby, if permitted and sanctioned, the petitioner will be
grievously injured, unless compensation be provided for him
adequate to the portion of his property intended to be applied
for the purposes of the said company ; that the petitioner hath
also heard, that other applications of a similar nature are
pending, or about to be made to interfere with the petitioner's
said estates and lands in Nova Scotia, without any colour of
right or pretence whatsoever, but that the same are at present
waste and unlocated, which must necessarily lead to the mani-
fest wrong and injury of the said petitioner ; wherefore the
petitioner humbly prays, that the House will order all unau-
thorized proceedings to be stayed, until a full and fair inquiry
be had into the truth and justice of the petitioner's statement
and rights, and tViat he may be heard in support thereof, by
counsel or otherwise, at the bar of the House, or before a
committee to be named for the purpose, when all proper
parties may be also directed to attend."
The newspapers of March, 1832, teemed with adver-
tisements, such as these : —
" Whereas advertisements frequently appear in the news-
papers, from an intended joint-stock company, for locating
some of the unappropriated lands of Nova Scotia, New
Brunswick, and Canada : — Notice is hereby given to all whom
it may concern, that these lands were granted by their majes-
ties. King James and Charles the First, to Sir William
Alexander, the first Earl of Stirling, under royal charters
confirmed by the parliament of Scotland, and to his heirs and
assigns for ever, ivithont any power of revocation lohatsoever,
and also with permission to create knights baronets of Nova
Scotia; that the present Earl of Stirling is the hereditary
lieutenant and lord proprietor thereof, having been duly served
as lawful heir to the said first earl, and exercised his privi-
leges and right.s accordingly. Thus legally invested in the

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