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Stirling peerage

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Scotland, the petitioner was, by means thereof, and in virtue
of the seisin and infeftment aforesaid, as much in the posses-
sion of the same in law, as if he were actually residing in the
province ; that the colonies then were originally founded at an
enormous expense by the said William, first Earl of Stirling,
who, in so doing, impoverished his family at home by the
heavy burdens charged upon the Scotch estates, which, soon
after his decease, were apprised to pay the same, and which
have ever since been suspended from the inheritance of his
heirs and successors ; that the country of Nova Scotia, which,
after its foundation, was for some time overrun and usurped by
the French, was reclaimed by the British Government from the
French at the treaty of Utrecht, and on all other occasions
when it became the subject of dispute, was demanded upon
the sole ground that the occupation of the French was an
usurpation, the same having been so occupied after the grants
aforesaid, and giving the said grants in evidence of a prior
title, and that the claim of priority of title and occupation
was thereby allowed to the British Government, and con-
sequently to the petitioner, as a subject claiming protection
under it; that, upon the same ground exactly, the petitioner
alleges, that, in fact and in law, any other occupation of any
other party or parties, without the express sanction of the
petitioner or his ancestors, would be an usurpation on him
and his existing rights ; that the petitioner hath actually
commenced proceedings in the Court of Chancery against the
company, or lessees of the company, called ' The Nova Scotia
Mining Company,' who have possessed themselves of certain
portions of the territory, of right belonging to the petitioner,
and that the petitioner is ready and willing to bring the validity
of his claims to a decision before the legitimate tribunals of the
country ; that the petitioner is further informed, notwith-
standing his aforesaid rights and privileges, a company of
persons, styling themselves ' The New Brunswick and Nova
Scotia Land Company,' have applied to the House for leave to
bring in a bill, to enable his Majesty to grant them a charter
of incorporation, and that such application is now pending,

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