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Stirling peerage

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As the patent of 1633 is to heirs-male alone, Mr
Humphrys * could not, on his oion shewing, succeed ;
but he adopts a bold device, and pretends, that in
1639, Charles I. gi-anted a charter of NoA^odamus to
the Earl of Stirling by way of a deed of entail of the
whole estates in Scotland and America, as well as the
honours in the patent of 1633, not limited, as in that
patent, to heirs-male, but as follows :
" De Novo Damus et Concedimus in perpetuum, ante-
dicto perconfiso et predilecto nostro consanguineo et consili-
ario Willielmo Comite de Stirling, et heredibus masculis
de corpore suo ; quibus deficientibus heredibus femellis natu
maximis sine divisione ultimi talium heredum masculorum,
et heredibus masculis de corporibus diet, heredum femellarum
respective procreandis, cognomen et arma de Alexander ge-
rentibus ; quibus omnibus deficientibus, propinquioribus legi-
timis heredibus quibuscunque dicti Willielmi Comitis de
Stirling, cum precedentia a decimo quarto die mensis Junii
anno Domini millesimo sexcentesimo trigesimo tertio, titulos,
honores, et dignitates Comitis de Stirling, Vicecomitis de
Stirling et de Canada, Domini Alexander de TuUibodie, cum
omnibus et singulis privilegiis, pre-eminentiis, prerogativis,
libertatibus et immunitatibus quibuscunque ad eosdem pertinen.
et spectan."
This document has never been, and never can be,
produced. It is a complete fabrication.
On 12th October 1829, Mr Humphrys, or Alexander,
* Notwithstanding the royal licence to bear the surname and arms
of Alexander, I persist, throughout this statement, to designate him
by his own proper family-name of Humphrys, — Is?, Because I conceive
the aforesaid licence to have been obtained upon a specious pre-
tence ; and 2rf, because I am averse to confound the name of an old and
illustrious family with that of a gentleman who has been lucky enough
to obtain the use of it.

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