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Keppoch song

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62 A KEPPOCH SONG. canto hi.
His daughter take I for my wife*,
'Stead of receiving I do give.
" Huntly — my neighbour you're become.
Be my friend — guarantee my home;
Strathbogie I assure to you,
Against whatever may ensue.
As Badenoch I ne'er did quit,
And Comyn now has lost his right;
His part of it I give to thee,
By this service to hold of me:
Hold the stirrup for me and mine,
On Badenoch lang may you dine."
Huntly bows, the service is done.
And to this day enjoys the boonf.
* " Alexander, designed Earl of Ross, Kintyre, and Inchgal,
or West Isles, was married to the Earl of Huntly's daughter,
of which marriage he had three sons, John, his successor;
Hugh, first of Sleat, ancestor of Sir Donald Macdonald (now
Lord) ; and, as most assert, Alexander, ancestor of Glengary."
'—William Buchanan of Auchmar s Inquiry.
+ Tradition has handed down, to the present day, this man-
ner of granting Badenoch to Huntly, with the fealty required,
concerning which the writer begs leave to mention an inci-
dent, as told to himself. One morning, soon after the mar-
riage of the present Duke with her late grace, a stranger, on
horseback, appeared at Gordon castle, inquiring, " Is Sandie
Gordon within?" The servants, surprised at such an unusual
mode of inquiry, ran to acquaint her grace, who now came

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