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Keppoch song

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canto ir. A KEPPOCH SOXG. 4?
Hibernia gives a shameful grave,
And thus does fall my Balloch brave.
Is this th' reward to Fingal's blood,
Who in her cause the Danes withstood;
And bravely fought for many a day,
To stop their rude invading sway?
The king now found that his pretence
'Gainst Ross' Earldom void of sense;
That to allege it was crown land,
Would raise up ev'ry honest hand.
He therefore me from prison frees,
And so with me once more agrees.
My hard fought Earldom he restores,
And so farewell — I quit his doors:
I hie me home, and do not long
T' join another parli'ment throng.
The king* the crown land game pursues,
Till an untimely death ensues;
I for my own estate do care,
And in his death I had no share.
* James the First murdered in his bed by some of the chief
nobility, in 1437.

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